Project Week – Investigation

In this reflection, I would like to draw attention to the fulfillment of learning outcome 2 and 5.

The start of our research process was initially smooth. We intended to visit Green Umbrella, a GC 3 of us were a part of, in Phnom Penh Cambodia. We were sure that that would give us a suitable service experience. Thus, we delegated the rest of the tasks between ourselves and collaborated to investigate other Creative or Action-based experiences. Since we were working efficiently in the group, we were able to parse many options such as cycling, cooking, and more. However, before we decided we were informed that we wouldn’t be able to go to Green Umbrella due to a forecasted heatwave. This heatwave would leave them short on resources such as food and water and it would be irresponsible of us to stay there and stretch their supplies. Thus we investigated the blue dragon as another potential service opportunity. However, soon after, we were informed that no trips would be allowed to Cambodia due to the heatwave.

We then had to quickly pivot to look at other opportunities. As a group, we researched and finally decided to work with Buffalo Tours and organize experiences with them (but more of this in the planning reflection). Through this process of Project week, we worked collaboratively and acquired skills on how to pivot to new ideas and research quickly and efficiently (as we had to do it multiple times).

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