Project Week – Planning

This project week reflection is focused on the planning section of the process. I will be focusing on how we achieved learning outcomes 3 and 4.

As I mentioned in the previous PW post, we had to repeatedly research new project week ideas due to repeated cancellations caused by unforeseen events. Through this process, it was imperative for us to not get discouraged but persevere and find new, valid, and exciting potential experiences. It was due to this perseverant attitude and commitment to each other that we found Buffalo Tours as a service and activity partner. Along with them, we were able to plan our trip efficiently (further highlighting our commitment to collaborate). We finally decided on partaking in traditional Vietnamese cooking classes and making bamboo baskets to satisfy the creativity aspect of the project week. To satisfy the service aspect, we decided to go to village on the outskirts of Phnom Penh and work with the local village elders and teach a few classes to the local school children. Throughout this planning process, we clearly showed our capability to work as a group and create a succinct plan for our project week trip.

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