Basketball Reflection 1 – Preseason

This year I decided to join preseason basketball to develop my basketball before the actual season. For preseason we largely focused on team and scrimmage drills to develop cardiovascular strength and the team plays for the season. Overall, I would say that preseason was quite successful in terms of developing some of my skills, especially… Continue Reading Basketball Reflection 1 – Preseason

Green Umbrella – Reflection 2

In my GC Green Umbrella, we are currently working towards our first overarching goal which is to organize an awareness-based event. The idea is that we have a GU Breakout and GU Pong, both of which are fun interactive games for the students but also satisfy our criteria of educating them on the issues of… Continue Reading Green Umbrella – Reflection 2

Green Umbrella – Reflection 1

Green Umbrella is a GC, or Global Concern, in our school in which we work closely with Green Umbrella NGO in Cambodia. The NGO runs a school in rural Cambodia, offering free education to children from 12 surrounding villages. Recently,  GU has diversified and in addition to running a school, they also aim to educate… Continue Reading Green Umbrella – Reflection 1

Computer Skills With Hougang Care Center – Reflection 3

LO1 and LO5: In the process of completing a SWOT analysis it was important for us to use our client’s feedback to suggest improvements for future groups. It was extremely important to pinpoint weaknesses as potential areas of improvement. In fact, our client suggested we include some of the improvements he saw in us compared… Continue Reading Computer Skills With Hougang Care Center – Reflection 3