“Oops! I pressed send.”


I recently came across a couple simple add-ons to Gmail that are easy to put on and really handy when you need them.

Undo Send:
Remember the last time you had “one of those days”? Remember how on that day you ended up sending an email reply-all by mistake, or sent a copied email without changing the name? If you realized right after pressing send, there’s a simple solution. Undo Send, which you can find in Google Labs.

Click on the little wheel at the top right in your Gmail, then click on Labs.

Search for Undo Send, click enable and save. While you’re at it, scout around for other labs you may find helpful.

From now on, you’ll get this message for 30 seconds after you send an email. Simply click undo to take your message back…

Delay send. Ever have an email you wanted to wait to send? Maybe it’s Friday afternoon and you don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle of the weekend. In the past I saved to drafts, set a reminder and hoped follow through. 

Once you download the free program, you see a boomerang next to send. 

You write your email, chose when to send later and don’t even have to be online for the message to be sent. Simple.

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