Mac Basics – Getting Started With Your Mac


Getting a new MacBook Air can be both exciting and daunting, particularly for new Mac users.

Apple has a number of tutorial videos and explanations which are designed to make your transition to a Mac easier. An overview of their support materials can be found here, however we have selected a few of our favourites to highlight below.
Here are a few tips to getting started with your Mac.

This is an overview on some main features of the operating system, designed to orient you to using a Mac.
This allows you to customize your Mac to meet your needs. Here you can customize the trackpad and different multitouch gestures which make the Mac such a powerful, user-friendly tool. 
The bar at the bottom of your screen is called the Dock. You can add shortcuts for your favourite applications, and create stacks for frequently used folders here.
The Finder is where you can access pretty much everything on your Mac. You can organise files and folders, delete and manage files and more.

This support document answers the question, “I used to do this on a PC. How do I do it on a Mac?” 

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