Digital Bytes – November 2, 2015


The haze we have experienced over the past few months in Singapore has brought the conversation of palm oil to the front of everyone’s thoughts.

This website does an amazing job of exploring the use of palm oil and uses a variety of media such as videos, infographics, sounds, text, photos and interactive elements.

We can clearly see when a variety of media are mixed, students will engage with the information and learn quickly and easily. This is a fantastic mentor text for our students.

Many of you may know that you can drag an image into Google and it will search the web for that image or images similar to it.

What you may not know if that there is so much more to Google’s ability in this image search.

This short video does a fantastic job of showing some of those features and how you might use it in the classroom with your students.

We all have students that need a little or a lot of help in our classes.

Here are 8 Chrome extensions to help those struggling students in your class. Everything from Ad Block and Readability to help students who have trouble focusing or get off task easily to Read and Write for Google which allows students to highlight text on web pages.

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