Digital Bytes – 16 November 2015


How to Provide kids Screen Time that Supports Learning
Kids are now spending more time on devices like iPads than watching television. “Children not only need to learn how to decode the letters and words they read, but also to gain an understanding of what goes into creating information and stories of all kinds.” This article talks about the three C’s: Content, Context and Child and the importance of balance.
9 Videos on News Literacy
Our students are increasingly getting their information from videos. How are we supporting them in this form of literacy?

This article examines what you as a teacher can do to help your students be more critical of the videos they watch.

The videos range in topics from how to choose your news to why the news isn’t really the news.
Classroom Eye Candy: A Flexible Seating Paradise
The personal touches in this English classroom make us feel we would like to be a learner in this space. The teacher also shares some excellent tips on how she rotates students through the “best” areas over time. Classroom Eye Candy will be a great inspiration for your flexible learning space.

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