Digital Bytes – Christmas Edition – December 7th, 2015


With Christmas just around the corner, here are some fantastic gifts for those kids on your Christmas list. Also, this week is Week of Code where students are challenged to spend an hour writing code. Check out the amazing activities on or Khan Academy.

Technology Will Save Us
I really love the options available on this site because there is a mix of technology and hands on.
Purchase a kit that will enable you to create a speaker out of a balloon, or take Play Dough a step further with Electric Dough. There really is something for everyone.
Get the whole family involved in a hands-on project.
Sphero, Ollie or Drone
If you haven’t heard of Sphero, Ollie or mini Drone, it is time you did because this will be the most fun you have this Christmas. Combined with free Tickle app will have your kids enjoying coding and learning. What more could you ask for? Or you could go for the epitome of cool and get the BB8 sphero. If you wanted a cheaper option or something for younger kids, then check out the Ozobot.
Low Tech, but Tech Thinking
There are a ton of great products out there that you and your kids can use to help support logical thinking and reasoning.
Christmas Games
A number of free games which challenge you to explore and solve a problem.
They are free and fun for an individual or small group of kids.
Week of Code
This week is the week of Code where everyone is challenged to spend an hour writing code.
Try out the Star Wars challenge where kids have to try to use code to move BB-8 and R2-D2 through obstacles or take Steve and Alex on an adventure in Minecraft. Also take a look at the activities on Khan Academy.

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