Friday Friendly: Bloggers from Outer space…


If you’ve recently been thinking about ways to make use of ePortfolios next year..or next month: this post’s for you.

Wait.  Back up a minute.  Why should we use online portfolios?

In addition to inherent components of reflection, which traditionally have been viewed as internal (thinking about one’s own learning and that thinking primarily benefiting ourselves), we need to take a closer look at amplifying reflection by sharing our reflection transparently (learning how to articulate and make our thinking visible to others and the learning benefiting ourselves AND others). By sharing our reflection beyond a teacher or a classmate, we acknowledge our voice as learners and the role that it can play in the learning process (our own process or the one of others).Silvia Tolisano

(The full pitch on how to Amplify Reflection is here)

You mix it up. You think about the plethora of styles and approaches to building your portfolio.  Here are a few ways to go about doing just that:

But I don’t want to be the only lone ranger using portfolios…

We don’t want that either.  Here’s what a few of your amazing colleagues have to say about experimenting with the approach:

Ok, then.  So how far can blogging/portfolio curation fly?

Outer space.  Seriously.

Meet three astronauts who blog from a long, long way from home.
(PS you can leave them comments and strike up a conversation too)

1. Alexander Gerst’s Blue Dot Blog

You can follow him on Twitter as well, his profile is here.

2. The Great Outer Space with Joe Acaba

3. Daily updates from the NASA Space Station

The full guide to NASA’s social media is available here.

Lastly, enjoy this 24/7 livestream from space looking down on you this weekend, let’s give them something to blog about!

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for this post. Really interesting and it has given me a push toward documenting my learning and maybe even sharing it. One question, though. Could you recommend one or two platforms that enable optimal sharing, such as using video and podcasts, and not just the written form? All platforms may enable this but as a complete novice I haven't a clue of the platforms out there and their pros and cons. Any guidance would be gratefully received.

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