Friday Friendly Advice: Google Slides to co-author an eBook?


Google is great and getting better and better.

Did you know you can change the size of a slide in Google Slides to build an eBook?

STEP ONE: Go to file, and select ‘Page Setup’

STEP TWO: select ‘custom’ and resize your slide

STEP THREE: edit your book, set up a template and share: you can now collaboratively co-author an eBook

While there isn’t an automatic table of contents generator you can build this in yourself.

You can link your table of contents to the slide/page by going to Insert>Link and then simply select the slide number.

If you would like to print a hard copy, remember that you can always save your Google Presentation as a PDF, this option is under FILE.

But wait, there’s more…

You don’t have to start from scratch.  SlidesCarnival has an amazing assortment of templates, just like this one.

Make a copy of any template, and follow the directions above to resize and off you go.

I need great images, but I find attribution a bit tricky…

Use Pexels--wonderful free to download images, no attribution necessary–and you can modify or edit images as needed (read more on that here).

Here’s a sample image from their collection:

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