VR and the future, Hyperdocs, and Curation: A Bonus Digital Bytes

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“When a museum director curates, she collects artifacts, organizes them into groups, sifts out everything but the most interesting or highest-quality items, and shares those collections with the world. When an editor curates poems for an anthology, he does the same thing.”

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“As a major blended learning classroom advocate, I am finding that HyperDocs are becoming a way for me to deliver instruction in an interactive manner that allows students to learn and interact with the material at their own pace.  In addition to this, it also a way to differentiate instruction for your low and high students by including a variety of tasks or extension activities.

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“HistoryView VR is the educational platform for teachers & students to access 3D Virtual Reality Field Trips powered by Matterport. HistoryView is educating the future by preserving the past through virtual reality. Students are able to visit historical sites and museum exhibits as if they are actually there! “ Says Brian Lyra, co-founder of HistoryView VR and a professional 3D photographer for InvelopNow.”

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