Digital Bytes 3rd September 2018

15 Collaborative Tools that Aren’t Google

You may recognize a number of the tools that are included on this list like Seesaw, Padlet and Book Creator. There are also a few that you should really take a look at to support students in your classroom.

Each tool has a video to give you an overview and let you know what it is all about. I would highly recommend starting with Pear Deck.

Digital Storytelling with Book Creator

We are aware of the fantastic Book Creator app and the fact that it is now available on the Chrome browser. The great thing about Book Creator is that it makes it easy for our students to become creators (hence the name) instead of consumers of media.

Monica Burns shares some fantastic ideas of how to use Book Creator for Digital Storytelling.

iPad Art Room

Your first mistake would be to think that because you might not teach Art that you don’t need to check out this webpage. Cathy Hunt is the master of using technology to enhance her classroom. The incredible Cathy Hunt does amazing things with technology in her classroom that everyone can learn from now matter what you teach