Digital Bytes – 1st October, 2018

Explainer Videos

Michael Hernandez, who presented at Rethinking Learning two years ago, has written about using Explainer Videos to help students show what they kinow. Michael used Keynote with his students and has shared some great tips and an example from one of his students.

Classroom Design Should Follow Evidence, Not Architectural Fads

Teachers often enjoy the challenge of creating a space that will best fit the needs of their students. This article discusses the needs to not just follow fads but to look at the evidence of what actually works. There are a few examples from different schools around the world that you might find helpful.

How and When to Limit Tech Use

Adults are often asking about tech usage when it comes to parenting their kids. This article from the New York Times gives some advice to help. Hint, it involves balance, being a role model and being involved in your kids tech life.