iMovie NOOB to NINJA

How can you get more out of iMovie?

The guidance below hopes to help you develop your confidence with iMovie.

I recommend using the following checklist:

  1. Do I have plenty of footage including enough to provide me with b-roll?
  2. Do I have different types of shots?
  3. Do I attempt to make at least two different types of cuts?*
  4. Did I make time to storyboard? (the planning really shows in post-production)
  5. Do I use the sound and music to guide my edits? (Bensound is a great resource)
  6. Am I consistent with the look and film of my movie?
  7. Do I have the rights to use the materials in my production? (Pixels video is wonderful for free stock footage)

*Focusing on J Cuts is a great first step

Looking for the cinematic movie bars? Here you go:

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