Digital Bytes – 22nd April, 2019


3 Habits Every Kid Needs to Be Safe and Respectful Online

Although the two speakers talk about students using their own smart phones to post online, the 3 habits that they mention are useful to discuss with all students. I would recommend skipping forward to 6:35 in the video to where they start talking about the 3 things you can teach kids to do when posting online.


6 Ways to Add Movement to Your Classroom

Jennifer Gonzales from Cult of Pedagogy shares six ways to add movement to your classroom. There are some great videos and photos included to help you see what you can do in your own classroom.

Nature Sound Map

This map has nature sounds from all over the world. Have you ever wondered what sounds greet the start of the day on the Luangwa river in Zambia? Or what a black howler monkey from Belize sounds like? Check out the world of amazing nature sounds.

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