Digital Bytes – 29 February, 2016

Managing Photos on Your iPad and iPhone Some great tips for working with photos that you have already captured on your iPad or iPhone. Did you know you can quickly select multiple photos by dragging your finger over them? Did you know that you can search for photos by location or date? Have a look…

Digital Bytes 18th May

In this week’s Digital Bytes, we learn why “How much screen time?” is the wrong question, how coding can help us learn how to learn, and how playing video games for 10 minutes a day can improve maths scores.

Digital Bytes – 2nd March 2015

This week’s Digital Bytes features information on finding global connections for your class, a look at the role of pictures in stimulating real-world problem solving with mathematics, and a tutorial on solving the annoying problem of ‘suggested videos’ appearing at the end of your embedded YouTube videos.

Mathematics Apps for School

We are always hearing about new apps and trying to find ones that are great for students. There are so many mathematics apps available, it is hard to find the ones that are best for student learning. Recently we sat down with our school’s Mathematics Coach, Tilson Crew, to evaluate what apps we should put…