Which apps should we experiment with in Mentor time?

Which apps should we experiment with in Mentor time?

The podcast that this information is based on talks about types of weird apps and how the community has been using apps. I think that we should because there are apps that can help you (are there to help you) such as study apps. These apps can help you to become a better person such as the app called microbe which is designed to stop you from going on your phone for too long. I think that it is important to study apps because they are there and they are a very big tool base. There are apps to help you with just about everything in day to day life. I think to experience the app you can better understand it and this may bring closer or further away from the idea. There are some apps though that might not be as helpful such as the app that sends you notifications that you are going to die. Repeating do it or trying to fit it into your daily life is also a great way to get a full experience of what you can do the apps. I think that a great question about practicing apps in class is that how can we also stop ourselves from becoming too reliant on apps. Apps are helpful but sometimes you think that getting the app will solve the problems and you don’t have to do anything, you also have to note that you the person is also a major contribution to your own success.

Podcast came from https://www.theguardian.com/technology/audio/2018/mar/09/when-death-pings-chips-with-everything-podcast

Personal statement

I am a very energetic person when I am around people, but not very much so on my own, and sometimes I prefer it that way. I value my friends a lot but also value my alone time because my talents express themselves better when I am alone because I am very much a creative person. I value my friends a lot, but I am not very good with keeping relationships from a long way away such as a different country and that is something that I would like to have in the future to better my relationships. When I was in middle school I didn’t study and for that and I did not get grades, it’s only when I reached grade 8 that I realized the importance of it. And I hope that I go beyond that because there are new challenges like grade 9 exams and the 10-grade exam. Middle school was the challenge, I got through, the next one is up ahead and I want to be ready and so I value commitment to education and studying so I can get the grades I need.

For my academic goals. I did not really experience this. I saw what I could have got if I took the time to try and get the grades. The 9th grade trip managed to give me a look at what peoples grades were. And because of this I felt left out and so this has lead to try hard to the pursuit of my goal. The trip also helped me understand more about what a good relationship is like. During the school time I usually sit and talk a very little bit. I’m like the third wheel in the group. The trip had people that I had relationships with and it’s helped me better the relationship. It also helped me to figure out how a good relationship can be achieved. Because of this trip I have actually been recently able to contribute to the group.

These goals are right for me because I feel that they would definitely benefit me better then other goals. I have not really been thinking about anything really except looking forward to the holiday because I am looking at the holiday as something like a “restart.” There are lots of goals that I want to achieve over the holidays like getting fit and revising academics. On the holidays there are no worries that you have to worry about so you are free to do what you like and I feel it would be very good opportunity to fulfill those 2 specific goals (ones that I want to fulfill the most). Getting fit was hard because of the lack of time and lack of commitment. There is a mountain in England where I am going to that is not boring when you run on it and is a pretty good distance. Academics, there is just lots of time and because there is barely any functioning wifi, the distractions are fairly limited. I would like to do this so that I can come to grade 10 strong and be prepared. Sometimes as well I become a little out of control in private due to the fact that I am upset with my grades. Grade 9 economics exam was one that got me upset and angry for a while. So being academically better would help with that too because then I would be as upset and can focus on other things like revising.  

I would like to try finding more study habits because now I realize that my quizlet idea takes too long and is only good on particular units. I would now suggest making a study folder for every unit, and revise on that. I feel that my study habit overall though has improved. I am feeling lots of anxiety because I thought I was going well but the grade 9 exams opened my eyes that I have to try much harder to achieve the grades I need.


Act 2 prompts

  1. Macbeth for example – He makes you respect him because of what he did and what he has done, he was seen as a great warrior. But then you see how he is different with lady Macbeth comes in and shows Macbeth what he can become. He makes you feel he is great but then makes you feel like he is coward and not a man.
  2. The mood is “shocking” in terms of everyone just finding out that the king has been killed. Everything is mixed up because everyone is still kind of shook by what has happened. So everything is mixed up and everyone is just trying to understand what has happened. The ensemble scenes are very good at showing many emotions and also showing what might happen and what will happen. There were also many things said in the dialogue that was unnatural like 2 horses fighting and eating each other and from that it kind of makes Duncan’s death unnatural and not supposed to happen kind of thing.

Macbeth Statement Piece

Statement/Quote: Differentiate between the direct and indirect characterization Shakespeare uses in order to construct his characters.


For the indirect characterization, it is very positive. It shows how he is such as great person and how he has achieved many things and is the best of the best. Such as “oh valiant cousin…” (1, 2, 24). or “which smoked with bloody execution,” (1, 2, 18). For the direct characterization, at the start, he was a very organized man in a way (things were going right for him), but once the witches told him of his potential he became obsessed with power. After that, his heart and mind started to go to war with each other because in his head he wanted to become king but in his heart, he knew that this was wrong. If we are talking about present day, the indirect and direct characterization differences are that from the indirect view he is seen as this strong, mighty person that people think is awesome, but in the direct characterization he is out of control because as I said early, his heart and mind are at war with each other.

The indirect ones are seen as very positive things. They are always describing characters as great and awesome, but for the direct ones are different as some feel the same as what people have said about them, but other times not.


Portfolio piece

Using the case study of The Girl in the River, explore why there is an ongoing debate about whether human rights should be universal or culturally relative. Are there some human rights violations that are just wrong, no matter who you are or where you live? 

I think that this is a going debate because you have your human rights vs religion and these are both big things that are against each other. The fact the human rights is also a declaration and not a must-have makes it harder for the human rights group because it is then something that people can choose to have, and this really holds human rights back from doing big/major things. I feel that human rights should be universal because you have people like Saba. Because she does not have human rights, she is not protected and the balance of power falls very heavily into the hands of the “killers” and not the victim. With human rights, there is more of a balance in what happens. Example if you kill someone then you pay the price for that, but with honor killing where the victim has no human rights and that family just has to forgive the “killer” in order to go free, where is the punishment. They should be universal because then it prevents people from having too much power.

I believe that if someone has shamed a family then they deserved to be punished, but the honor killing way is by far not the right way. I feel that punishments should be taken while not violating the rights. There are rights like the right to life which just cannot be violated no matter what. Honor killing is one of the examples where it is a way too much of a punishment to kill someone because of their sin on the family. Other cases may be harder to argue.

For or Against Games

There are games that already make you learn things you just don’t know it, but the games are supposed to be fun because that makes them popular, but if people made a game that is designed specifically to help you learn while still being very fun, then games could be a much better learning experience.

Side note below

Like normal fighting games make you learn. If you were playing for the fun of it then you probably would not think about anything just attack and enjoy, but if you playing to win then you could be smart about it and then there would be things like which is the best place for you depending on how you fight, or where the enemies are, and where your friends are.

Evolution in different forms


Chetan Bhagat is an authorpreneur who talked to grade 9 about how he wanted to inspire Indians through many different ways and not through just reading the book. He wanted to reach as many Indians as he could through entertainment and to influence them towards progressive society. Indians love movies and he made many movies for Indians such as ‘Bollywood.’ He reached them through the things that they liked. In the presentation, he hooked the audience through jokes and funny things which then made everyone listen to them because they were interested. He did this something like this. He gave the Indians something that they could relate to because, in the English language movies that didn’t happen, he gave them Indian language and reality like movies which the Indians could relate to. He wanted to make a change to the Indian country. Since then he has made many other books and has become very famous. It like a piece of string with two weights on either side, English, and Indians. Indians could read the books but none were made for them, English language was in books and could have been written for them but there weren’t any being written for them, so the string in the middle holding the weights is gone. Chetan Bhagat made that connection, making English language books about issues in India. That connection was his evolution, and that made him famous and that made him a winner.


Evolution is changing characteristics of the species in order to become more successful and adapt to the new changes that are thrown at it. It is changing the game. It does not matter how smart, or fast, how strong, etc, if you are not the most adaptable then you will die out. You will have a person write a book and they will say that I have written a book which means I am smarter than you and they have big egos and they don’t change. But Chetan Bhagat did and that is what lead to his success. In the last paragraph, you have the string which is the English book on Indian issues. Chetan Bhagat made many strings, as he made movies, TV talks, books, and columns. Social media became a metal cable as he has 9.4 million followers on twitter and can make contact with all of them in less than a minute.


The Design basics

The Design Basics


Using visual space to show relationships in your content. Simple, just put the related things together and nonrelated further apart. Example –  blocking texts or elements in a graphic (images that represent something together.)

White Space

Spaces between lines and content and others areas that are not filled in like the outer rim space. Used to define and separate different sections. Kind of giving it room to breathe and not making it to overcrowded,


Making things straight, it is everywhere such as how this text is being typed. Important to be consistent. Making sure that everything is somewhat the same such as the space between images (equal size) and the lines angle that is centering each image. It is important because alignment can make your work organized.


Things are different. So you can do things that can catch the readers eye such as a radiation sign showing that this is a dangerous place. There are 4 factors in contrast that you can do. Colour, Size, different styles of text, and different shapes.


Repeating something. Reinforce your design by repeating certain element. Can make your work easier to read. The reader does not have to work as hard on the less important things, with repetition they can focus on the content.

Rough Draft Work

I could have taken the things written in the design basics platform and put them into a summary which contains only the important details and things needed to understand what is going on.

The empathy map is made to achieve a better understanding of how different events influence a person’s life and how to put our own perspective.  The map does this by having 4 sections Doing, success, influences, and feelings. These are tips and things to do during the WF.
  1. I would try to figure it out, but if it is becoming too frustrating I would stop and ask for help. You can see that I went through the video on the slides and there were components that I did not understand. I would try to follow the mouse on the video and copy it.
  2. Curiosity, because I was messing around with a lot of things to get what I wanted so I could get a better hand on AI (understand it better.)
  3. Because if you are not optimistic then you will not achieve anything; UWCSEA as a school wants its students to progress and get better so that they can achieve many things; by doing that you have to be optimistic.

Dpers social media blog

Question – Will social media consume the world.

I came up with this because people are drawn to social media(and other social media forms) a lot. Because it has changed the world and is becoming not just a tool to use but people are so into it and we will be forced to never leave the digital world. This question invites further dialogue because we can talk about the 2 different paths it could go, we could get consumed by the media or we can suppress it. Because its such a simple question, there are a lot of aspects that you have to consider in it.

2 questions to understand the 1st question

– Are people so hooked on social media that they won’t consider other things and focus only on social media?

–   Is there another path, or is social media just too good to resist?

I feel that the Fallacy fallacy logistic is something that we can not head to in this argument. Many people don’t consider the small problems because they are small even when they are argued very well, but a small problem will grow.

9th graders should be thinking about it because they are the next generation. We are the ones that will make the world and we can decide whether we can get closer to being dominated by social media or we can suppress it. 

Filter bubble, Do people really have free will?

Do people really have free will?

Not really, because you can choose what you click on put that is based on what the internet gives you. Because you are given this filter bubble that lets in information that the internet thinks you want to know and things that you might want to click on. The media controls what you see and you can only click on the links which are given to you. It looks like you are in control, but an example that came up from the video was that the talker asked two of his friends to search up Egypt and show what came up. They came up with very different pages, the information that was given to each user was also different as one, had sites in Egypt for a hotel booking while the other page had information. The media looks so hard at what you might click on next and it will even look at things such as how you are sitting and what kind of computer and browser you are using. This idea with social media controlling what you click what you need on social media and what you want. And this filter bubble unbalances that and give you just “information junk food.” It’s kind of like the Matrix(movie) where you are in this world that you think you are controlling when actually there is someone else controlling your world.



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