• A Dolls House

    One thing important about the 19th century is the social society structure. Higher standards are placed on those that are born in a higher class. Because there was a very heavy standard put in place I think that it is safe to assume that there was lots of masking involved as it can be hard to […]

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  • Do you get enough sleep response

    https://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/23/do-you-get-enough-sleep/ What makes this issue challenge/complex is figuring out how to arrange the schedule of things so that students get the right amount of sleep they need. The main factor you see is fitting a napping time into the school schedule because sleep helps you recharge and something like a 90 min sleep during lunch […]

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  • Act 2 prompts

    Macbeth for example – He makes you respect him because of what he did and what he has done, he was seen as a great warrior. But then you see how he is different with lady Macbeth comes in and shows Macbeth what he can become. He makes you feel he is great but then makes […]

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  • Macbeth Statement Piece

    Statement/Quote: Differentiate between the direct and indirect characterization Shakespeare uses in order to construct his characters.   For the indirect characterization, it is very positive. It shows how he is such as great person and how he has achieved many things and is the best of the best. Such as “oh valiant cousin…” (1, 2, 24). […]

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  • Portfolio piece

    Using the case study of The Girl in the River, explore why there is an ongoing debate about whether human rights should be universal or culturally relative. Are there some human rights violations that are just wrong, no matter who you are or where you live?  I think that this is a going debate because […]

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  • For or Against Games

    There are games that already make you learn things you just don’t know it, but the games are supposed to be fun because that makes them popular, but if people made a game that is designed specifically to help you learn while still being very fun, then games could be a much better learning experience. […]