#5, A group experience where you will collaborate with others

In orchestra, the collaboration will be a lot more subtle than in other activities, and will require a whole different skillset (more musical than general). I have been part of orchestra since I joined in grade 9, and even though my musical collaboration skills have become a lot more refined, they are nowhere close to being perfect. (Collaboration (including but not limited to): looking at the conductor, breathing together before a downbeat, looking at the body language of those around you, making sure you’re bowing in the same direction as others in your section). I believe that my musical collaboration skills will grow this year, especially with new members and whilst performing new pieces.


#1, An experience that will develop strengths:

I have been playing the violin since I was 5 or 6 years old, and thus it has naturally turned into one of my strengths. I believe that by challenging myself with new and more difficult pieces this year, that my skills will improve and I will become a better musician. The more experience gained, the more musical knowledge and expertise I will have, and orchestra is a great opportunity to gain experience and develop skills.


LO4: (Commitment)

How will I show perseverance, resilience and commitment in this activity?

I will have to show commitment by practicing my pieces at home. Last year I was still taking violin tuition regularly, hence I was keeping up my skills and did not have to practice the specific pieces for orchestra as much because they were slightly below my skill level. However, this year I have finished my Grade 8 ABRSM violin exam and have thus stopped playing violin regularly. This means that I will have to practice the pieces for orchestra much more to keep up my skills and make sure I am prepared for the next session.





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