Film: Hay’s Production Code

Which of these rules are still in implementation in this day and age?

  • In ways, the codes have been implemented in society today. The rules may have slightly changed, or they have not been taken into such severity, certain topics have not been touched upon, such as cultural ideologies or sexuality, although violent prone movies are acceptable. Singapore, especially, has a conservative outlook on films which teach and show “sensitive” topics.

How would the implementation of such rules change the portrayal of art?

  • With the rules bending the portrayal of art, films which are shocking and controversial attract the most attention. With rules being enforced, it takes away the element of surprise and controversy. In film today, for purposes of education, it is important to explain and showcase new ideas and real life circumstances. With everything hidden, it is hard to understand, for young viewers, what is real and what isn’t. The horror genre especially, is defeated with the code. The code limits the possibilities of film and imagination.

Do these rules work in preserving the morality of society?

  • I would think no, it doesn’t preserve the morality of society as the rules that are shown, are rules we already have, thus is doesn’t make sense for it to not be accepted. If society keeps filtering the ways films are shown and the ideologies they carry, it’s going to be very hard to develop into a more knowledgeable world. Film can be exaggerated, but that’s imagination and creativity. Of course, when it comes to teaching and expanding one’s knowledge, imagination isn’t ideal, but it teaches you how to tell the difference between real and imagination.


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