TOK Practice- To what extent is objectivity possible in the production or acquisition of knowledges?

To what extent is objectivity possible in the production or acquisition of knowledges?

I chose the stopwatch as my object for this prompt.

As a object to count time and as a scientific equipment, stopwatch is a fairly objective since it is working in the same mechanism all the time. However, there are also limitations that when people manipulate it errors are possible to appear. 

TOK- Production of scientific knowledges, shared knowledges and the new theme

Read this article on the production of scientific knowledge, shared knowledge  and the new knowledge and technology theme ( Write a response outlining the benefits and the challenges of knowledge production in the scenario outlined in the article.

The production of scientific knowledge has been well demonstrated in this piece of article when the novel coronavirus appeared accidentally and suddenly and then transfixed in the whole world thus a series of chain knowledges has been then produced by this. Around the pandemics, a great deal of new knowledges has been created. While the COVID-19 pandemics itself is already the production of scientific knowledge by the nature world and the ecosystem, the vaccine that scientists seek to create, the values of extreme measure such as quarantines and the controlling of spreads of virus are all par of the production of scientific knowledges in this scenario.

Shared knowledge is when particular knowledges are public and open to all the population. For example, in the topic, a group of Chinese researchers has published the genetic sequence of new virus through the website for all scientists from all over the world to start to developing diagnostic tests and explore treatment. A group of Germany researchers also published details of diagnostic tests soon after. The sharing of knowledge could help the globe to accelerate the speed of finding the solutions of this global issues. 

The new technology and knowledges theme

TOK Practice- Objects Exhibition

Does some knowledge belong only to particular communities of knowers?


Tung Shing is a Chinese traditional calendar that is made based on the Chinese lunar years primarily. It is a divination guide and also an almanac so people constantly use it to find a suitable date before attending and holding important events. Wedding ceremonies and funerals could be use as an example that most of the Chinese would use Tung Shing to choose a suitable date for them. This represents the belief of Chinese people in divinations and it has gradually become a custom now.

Tung shing shows certain distinct knowledges and belief that doesn’t shared among all the population. It is only applicable to particular Chinese native speakers who has a deep understandings on Chinese culture, which is a small range of people has been severed to. Starting from the language, these types of knowledges are less open to interpretations to foreigners. People started to use Tung Shing from the ancient China and as a guide for agriculture at the time so it is still popular in the rural areas of China but not in the city nowadays anymore. It is also commonly used for Feng shui practitioners and destiny diviners so it is also limited to the communities who has the knowledge on this particular area. The knowledges of feng shui is very limited to particular population.

This is a Chinese authentic snack called spicy gluten sticks that is made of bean curd and flour. The price was really low in the past that one pack only costs 5 cents SGD, so it is popular among the student population. The rich tastes is another reason why it is popular in schools and is able to represent many of the Chineses’ childhood and school life, including mine. This snack goes to extremes that almost every Chinese know it but is rarely known by the foreigners and people who doesn’t live in China. It is well known to Chinese because everyone had school life and the taste and price made it popular. It is very unhealthy at the same time so usually it is not the product to export. It is the knowledges that particularly belongs to the Chinese community.

In the other hand, Spicy gluten sticks was first debuted in the 1990s, hence it is a knowledge that doesn’t belong to the elders who doesn’t have the accessibility to it in their childhood at the time. It belongs to the younger generation as Millennials and generation Z.


Crest Project Reflection- STEM


  • How my project was successful/not successful -e.g. What went well and what didn’t

While my product includes both parts of the sound over and the slides, I have to write down the script of sound over and make the slides. The script was the most important part as it struggled me a lot because I need to do a lot of research about my topic since I only had a vague impression of data protection before the project. It was hard for me to decide the most suitable product to investigate and research for this project as well since there are many options. I wasn’t display the time management skills well in this project. I procrastinate quite much in the beginning state as I thought I will be able to catch up on later in this long term project. The things went well is the recording part and the slides I did. There wasn’t many hesitation while I tried to make a beautiful and clear slides that the audience can understand and be attracted easily.

  • What have I learned through this whole process? – science and personal skills

For personal skills, I learned how to evaluate sources from credibility, timeliness, utility and many other aspects. Besides, I learned to use the UWC find to find a source of my choice & record it in APA format even though I did not use ultimately. For the science aspect, I have learned that there are countless methods for third parties to access our information both accessible from phones and computers. For example on computer Browsers and websites can share or sell our information to third parties and through the IP address that every computer owns, our geological address could be revealed. I also learned that our privacy is used in many areas but especially for targeted advertising and scientific research. Last but not least, by using Tor browser and VPN, the amount of information may disclosed could be controlled while there is no way for us to protect our privacy completely when dealing with ISPs.

  • What impact might the results of my project have on other people/the wider world?

I have spread out the awareness of the importance of data protection in my video. I hope through my video people can attaches great importance to data protection issue and start to stand out and speak for themselves. People voice can change many things and as long as it is heard by the government,  the laws for instance may have the chance to be fixed. I also addressed the lack of restrictions of user’s privacy in the US which hopped the Americans can be aware of that.

  • What I would have done to improve my work?

My conclusion was not very comprehensive because I didn’t look at the rubrics carefully before I submit my work which has also taught me a lesson. The driving question was not clear enough as well as it would be better if I mentioned “data protection” straightly in this question. I should also add more images in my slide so it is more visually appealing to my audience.

  • What I’d do to develop the project in the future?

I will keep focusing on this topic and keep sensitive to the privacy disclose issues in the future. I will also focus on the privacy policy and laws in the US in the future and join their campaigns or protest if it is feasible. I will share the idea about the privacy online with all of my relatives and friends as well and begin to make some impacts start from people around me.

Crest Project Reflection #1

I was struggling with the topic of this project for quite a long time because I wanted to discover what am I really interested in. My interest is always the priority however I didn’t find any topic that arts and design could connect with Crest. Hence I reflect what I spend most of my times on and I found internet should be a good topic-  internet is playing a very important roll nowadays that most of the people need it in their daily basis. Just like me, a very large amount of people use technology for most of their day. Then the idea of data protection came out from my mind- Is ours privacy being protected well in the virtual world? Are there any rules or laws that supervise them to keep it well? Therefore, I wanted to figure out the whole operating mode after we enter the information of credit card or id card in websites or in app through research. I was focusing on the big data aspect particularly at first since I want to investigate the ethics when it helps digital platform to comprehend people’s preferences easily and can share the data with many other platforms altogether. However my initial approach has changed to data protection through out research about this topic. No matter what, the goal of my project is to explore the ethical issues from the perspective of digital citizens. I was thinking about writing an essay to demonstrate my understandings immediately when discussing the presentation of the project however it sounds quite bored so I thought an online presentation with many visuals could catch the eyes of my audiences. My next step is to look up some documentaries and essays on authoritative websites so I will have an basic understanding towards data protection and if I need to make some changes on my project idea.

Science Class Crest Project: ‘Need to know Qs’

“These are questions that will need to be considered in order to complete the project”

Brainstorm possible “need to know” for the questions.

My project outline:

My “Need To Know Qs”:

  • Are we really safe on the internet?
  • To what extent information has been divulged?
  • Is it ethical that companies?
  • Are there any solutions to solve it?
  • How did the companies/firm/… shared ours information?
  • Why does big data always know what we like?

花- Flower (ebook)

During the Digital Perspective class recently, we started a project to design a book, the book can be either written by myself or using an existing book. The piece I chose is written by a famous Chinese writer called Wangzengqi, who is famous by writing short stories and proses.

Hua(Flowers), just as the name tells, Wang have telling his own stories with 4 different species of flowers- Lotus flower, Forger- me- not, French hydrangea and bank’s rose. This piece excerpted from his famous prose collection called Renjianyouzhiwei, which indicates “the most flavor in the world”.

This books have includes the prose masterpieces of Wang Zengqi’s appreciation of plants, food and insects, and nostalgia for relatives and friends in his hometown. Flower is recorded in it by this concept.

This is the link to my book



What is respiration?

Explanations to the grade 8 students

What even is respiration?

  • In fact, respiration is a chemical reaction when nutrients is broken to produce energy(glucose) to supply the metallic functions eg. movement; reproduction. Breathing is the action we do in order to achieve respiration.

Why does it even exist, it’s so stupid?

  • Because the energy required to complete living activities in cells all came from breathing. Nothing can still be alive without respiration.

How do cells even do respiration?

  • The cells would convert the biochemical energy that came from the nutrients which is called oxidation and then turns it into the ATP.

What did that sugar bomb have to do with it?

  • It would convert it into ATP, which is the storage of energy, such as glucose.