Myers Briggs Reflection

The MBTI has shown me multiple times that I have an INFP-T personality. This means that I am introverted, intuitive, I make decisions based on feeling, prospective, and turbulent.

There are many strengths to having this personality type. Some advantages include:

  • Being idealistic – People with an INFP-T personality have a resilient attitude as a result of believing that the intentions of all people are inherently good.
  • We seek and value harmony – We don’t value having more power than others, instead of working to ensure that everyone’s perspectives are heard.
  • We are open-minded and flexible – As long as our principles and ideas are not being challenged, we’ll support what other people think is right to do.
  • We are very creative – Using our visionary nature as well as our open-mindedness, we are able to see things from potentially unconventional perspectives.
  • Being passionate and energetic – When something captures our imagination, we put a lot of effort into dedicating ourselves to the project, putting our time and energy into it.
  • Being dedicated and hard-working – Our tendency to understanding the meaningfulness of what we’re doing gives a sense of purpose when it comes to accomplishing something that we believe in.

On the other hand, there are also many weaknesses to having this personality. Some disadvantages include:

  • Being too idealistic – Sometimes we take our idealism too far, which can make our expectations higher than they should be which sets us up for disappointment. We may not idealize our coworkers, but idolize them, forgetting that no one is perfect.
  • Being too Altruistic – We sometimes see ourselves as selfish because we want to give more than we are able to. This causes us to push ourselves to commit to a cause or person, forgetting to prioritize the needs of other people or ourselves.
  • Being impractical – Sometimes we become too dedicated to a project or interest which can cause us to neglect important daily activities such as eating or drinking.
  • We dislike dealing with data – We can be too focused on the bigger picture that we forget about the more important smaller details. In this case, when data is presented to us that challenges our ideals, it can be challenging for us to deal with it.
  • We take things personally – We often take criticism personally instead of using criticism to improve ourselves. Difficult to Get to Know – We are quite reserved and self-conscious which makes it difficult for people to get to know us.

I generally think that I do align with a lot of these traits but there are also a lot of things that I disagree with. For example, I’ve started to accept criticism a lot better and I’ve started to use criticism to improve myself. I’ve also never seen myself being too idealistic as I do understand when people make mistakes that are reasonable. I do agree that I am quite open-

minded, and I do also agree that I am very creative as evidence of my passion for music.


A large reason for a lot of these conflicting opinions is due to these traits being quite black and white. For some of these traits, I am actually quite close to the middle, which is probably due to how I have been changing how I approach certain situations.

Exploring Active Lifestyles

Reflection 1 – October 18th, 2019

Active Lifestyles is a recent activity that has been introduced to the school. The idea of it is to bring an opportunity for students to do some form of physical exercise during their free blocks, as PE is not something that IB students do.  Active Lifestyles allows students to independently work on their own fitness, which is something that I really enjoy.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my cardiovascular ability because I feel that it has a lot of benefits for me in multiple aspects of my life. For one, I’ve recently learned that my family has a history of heart problems, so being able to improve the condition of my heart will be a good step towards combatting the issue when the time arises. Furthermore, being able to efficiently transport oxygen to my brain and to my muscles allows me to stay focused while I play competitive video games which is my passion and hobby. I always strive to improve my mechanical ability when playing these games and being able to be healthy will make it much better. It’s because of this that I am really looking forward to continuing my physical activity.


Reflection 2 – November 6th, 2019

After a few weeks of doing this activity, I got motivated to continue working on my health. So far I’ve also started working on my posture. I recently got a new chair at home that fits me more and allows me to comfortably position myself well, and I’ve started taking more notes on my posture and paying more attention to when my posture is bad.

Within the activity itself I’ve really started to enjoy independence. I’m not pressured to work more than I need to and I can start slow and allow my body to get used to the increased intensity.

I’ve definitely started to feel better emotionally as well because of worrying less about my health now that I’ve started to actively work to improve it. I hope that this can continue and I can further improve my health.






Just a few years ago I was incredibly pessimistic. I had really high expectations for how I needed to perform and I let a lot of the pressures, although few, get to me. It wasn’t a very enjoyable lifestyle because I never looked towards the possibilities that could make me feel better or make me more excited about the future, and instead always looked back on my past and reflected too much on my mistakes.

Nowadays I am a lot more optimistic. I don’t know what caused the switch, but I feel that it’s to do with the way I think of life as a whole. I’ve started to care a lot less about what I do, and that’s not to say that I don’t think about the consequences, it’s just that I judge myself a lot less for my imperfections. Whenever something happens that I would normally get upset about, I accept that there is nothing that can be done about it but to work on my mistakes to improve enough to do better by the time those opportunities come along.

I’ve started to notice a lot of benefits from being more optimistic. For one, I am definitely less stressed. Although in past years the workload has not been as large in quantity as it is now, I don’t find myself to be stressing too much. Whenever I see a bad result I don’t get stressed about the negative possibilities that it can have on my future because I know that it isn’t as big of a deal as I sometimes make it. One of the things that I was most worried about was my mental health. I always felt so drained because I felt that my life wasn’t going anywhere and that I wouldn’t have many opportunities in the future, but nowadays I have never felt so excited about what the future has to offer.

Past vs Present: Representation of Women in Advertisement

The image on the left stereotypes how women have been viewed as weaker than men due to the “We Can Do It!” message. It shows that women usually had less opportunities and it was a collective issue between a large majority of women. The way that the woman is dressed can also imply that the woman works from home. The image looks more masculine in the way that the woman is dressed. This can imply that in order to be powerful you had to act like a man. Since the woman looks like she is dressed as someone who works from home, it also shows the lack of opportunity. The fact that there even is a “We Can Do It” shows that there is a lack of belief in women.

In contrast, the image on the right looks less masculine. It shows more independence in women with the “Make Yourself Proud”, referring directly to the reader rather than to a group where the responsibility is placed onto the individual rather than making an issue sound like it requires a whole community to solve. The image takes the approach of application instead of capability. Now that women are able to have the opportunity, they are now able to apply their skills. This combined with the fact that the word “proud” is hand written reflects that individual opportunities that women have to prove that they are capable.

In the past, women empowerment was a collective issue between a large majority of women. This shows that there was an issue in the past with women’s rights and opportunities and that women were generally portrayed and identified as objectively inferior to men. However, now the issues are more personal as the identities of women have changed to be more dependent and powerful than before. Women have opportunities to do what they want to do, but it is now up to the individual to make those decisions.


Revisiting Jazz Band

Reflection 1 – October 11th, 2019

I’ve always enjoyed doing Jazz Band because I’ve always been interested and passionate about music. I hope that by taking Jazz Band again this year that I am able to further develop my skills as a musician, and build a deeper understanding of how to represent the music as a part of a bigger band.

This year of Jazz Band has definitely started harder than the rest of the years which I enjoy because I always like to be challenged in a musical context. I’ve definitely started struggling because it’s hard to pick up a difficult piece of music and understand it well enough quickly, but this can easily be solved by taking a bit of time at home to look at the music and explore it. Although I, unfortunately, missed a session due to being sick, I think that I’ve been able to catch up. So far I’ve been doing a pretty good job of contributing to the piece with the rest of the band while not taking attention away from the lead roles or making it too cluttered. I’ve learned about how to do things years ago, but I’m able to use those skills now when the music is complicated and make it sound more pleasant.

One of the challenges with Jazz Band is its position in the day. Any afterschool activity for me is unpleasant because at the end of the school day I’m already tired and I want to go home, and the thought of having to stay an extra hour and a half can be dreadful sometimes. Although I do enjoy the time spent during the activity, actually showing up is the hardest part. I think the best way to work around this is to try and get a bit more sleep so that I have enough energy in the day to want to show up.





Exploring Experiences with MINDS Tampines

Reflection 1 – October 8th, 2019

On Monday, October 7, we got to experience first hand what it was like to work with the people at MINDS Tampines. We were going to do a dance session where essentially we encourage them to dance by dancing ourselves. The people at MINDS Tampines have a range of mental disabilities such as Down Syndrome or Autism, and therefore they tend to pay a lot of attention to body language. It was important that we paid a lot of attention to our actions because we didn’t want to accidentally encourage any behavior that, while it looks normal to most people as what is just a playful action, might be interpreted as an action that can be done whenever in general by the people at MINDS Tampines.

The activity itself started out quite awkward because dancing to music that you don’t feel like dancing feels a bit strange. It’s because of this that the activity had quite a slow start, but once people started to accept and embrace the awkwardness the activity was able to get some momentum. It’s likely that the next time we do this we will feel more comfortable and just accept off the start that we need to do what we need to do.

Personally, I found it quite uncomfortable because although I wanted to try and encourage individual people to dance by working with them independently, and this was the biggest challenge so far in CAS. I was cautious of potentially making them be too attached to me. Generally, I don’t like it when people are really attached to me because I enjoy my personal space a lot. I was worried that if I worked independently with an individual, they would start to be more physical which I didn’t want to experience. At the same time, I didn’t want them to be left alone because I feel like some of the people need direct interaction to participate rather than getting the general feel of the vibe of the room and having that influence them to participate. It’s possible that they wouldn’t do if I made it clear to them that they shouldn’t do things like hug or kick which would allow me to safely and comfortably work independently with individuals.

The next time we are having another experience with MINDS Tampines is in roughly a month. I’m interested to see how things will change.


Reflection 2 – November 5th, 2019

Back from the break, we had another opportunity to work with MINDS Tampines. I could immediately tell that everyone had started to feel more comfortable trying to be energetic to encourage our clients to be energetic too. This session went a little bit different. The speakers that we normally use to play music didn’t work, so we were unable to play music loud enough for the activities that we were going to do.

We also took a new approach. Instead of focusing on working one on one with other clients, we set up a game of musical chairs to play with them. Still, we didn’t have music so we had to improvise by taking our energy up a notch to encourage all of our clients to participate. This was definitely a challenge because we had to take our energy much higher than it was before in our second session with them. I would say that I was more comfortable doing this musical chairs activity because it was not a one on one interaction. I say this because before we played musical chairs, as we were trying to fix the speakers, one client wanted to hold hands with me and start dancing before the music started playing.

In my mind, I thought it would be a good opportunity to push out of my comfort zone and start working one on one with other clients. I mentioned in my first reflection that I don’t like it when people get attached to me because I enjoy my personal space a lot and that I was worried that if I worked independently with an individual client that they would start to be more physical which I didn’t want to experience. I was optimistic that this wouldn’t happen or that I would feel comfortable doing it. I started to work with this client but felt that I wanted to wait until the music started, so after about a minute or two I stopped. After half a minute or so the same client wanted to dance again. This continued about five or six times and it started to make me feel uncomfortable because I realized that the client was getting attached. This wasn’t only happening to me, this same client also started to get attached to one of my friends.

One of the things that creates a lot of my discomfort is my concern for my health. I don’t know how well the clients are taken care of. I don’t know if these clients have good hygiene or if their health is okay. Part of what gave me this concern was one client who seemed to have some sort of cold. Perhaps this is something that I can talk about with my service leaders to try and get more insight into how these clients are taken care of to remove this layer of discomfort.





CAS Plan

I’m looking forward to the activity aspect of CAS. I normally don’t do any activities in school because I am not interested in signing up to do sports because of how much time they take out of your week. I very much prefer an independent way of physical activity because I don’t feel pressured to do certain things meaning that I can do what I feel like I need to do to maintain good health. In order to maintain balance this year, I’m only doing one activity for each aspect of CAS. For my creativity, I am doing ‘Jazz Band’ which is something I have been doing for 2 years already, so it won’t be too difficult to adjust to. For my activity, I am doing an ‘Active Lifestyles’ activity which is focused around giving students an opportunity to do some physical exercise for an hour or so every week. For my service, I am doing ‘MINDS Tampines’ which is a service where you work with those who have disabilities. Although it isn’t many activities, I think its good to not overdo myself and only do how much I think I am able to handle. I am passionate about music, which allows me to merge my Jazz Band with my creativity, and I also have a large motivation to improve my health which merges with my activity. The biggest challenge so far is my activity and service because it’s after school. Although I have been doing Jazz Band for 2 years already, I enjoy it but by the end of the school day, I’m already pretty tired and I usually feel unmotivated to continue doing any work, so it makes doing it or even doing my service harder than it should be. I could improve this by getting more sleep so that I have enough energy to last for the full day including my activities.


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