What is your relationship with poetry?

I don’t really spend a lot of time reading poetry outside school. Occasionally I’ll take a look at some poetry in my free time but the majority of the reading I do of poetry is in school. I do find the units quite challenging but I’m interested in learning more.

How is your understanding of poetry affected by your understanding of the way the poem is written?

Poetry is a difficult thing to describe, therefore learning about it and understanding the structures poetry is written in can help us get a better idea of what it is. For example, even if you aren’t able to define poetry, if you can understand the basic structures and concept then you can generally understand poetry better.

What are you struggling with and what are your learning goals with the poetry unit?

I struggle when it comes to analysing poetry because I often don’t understand the references which are made in the poem, and I also struggle with writing poems because I always overthink when writing and can’t figure out how to express the message.

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