Cross country LO1

week 2 of IB

I started cross country last year in grade 10, it was mostly an impulse decision, and I didn’t hate it. Which is why this year I am going t be doing cross country for the next two seasons, with the intention of making the seasac team. Cross country will contribute to my activity for my CAS for my IB course. I feel cross country is an extremely hard sport to maintain, as if you stop running for a month, or even two weeks, you will become slower. It is not only a sport that relies on your fitness but it also mainly relies on your mental game; as you are going to be running using your core for 5 km and out of experience that 5 km where you really push it, takes a heap of mental energy. But the final feeling that you gain after you have done that 5k is extremely well deserved. I finished cross country in the SEASAC team as the reserved runner that means I will spend season two doing cross country, along with high hopes for SEASAC next year.

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