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Title and date: ‘Super-spreaders’: COVID19 myth or reality?(March 14, 2020)

This article explores an argument about the question that is roaming in society about the coronavirus, whether that coronavirus super spreader is actually real or a myth. These are people that infect far more people than the normal coronavirus patient does

I picked to explore as the article looks from various perspectives about a topic, giving different points for both sides and even coming to a final understanding at the end. The article itself asks the readers the question “Can a single COVID-19 patient infect dozens of others?”, this shows how it is trying to get the readers to think about it before the article really starts off. This shows how the purpose is to explore, as the article it selfs makes the reader explore the idea before. 

The tone of the article is very serious and formal as it is examining a serious situation in today’s society. And the more serious it can be, the more likely people will take in the information from the article.

One of the techniques he author in this article was the small sentence strictures. As you can see while reading this article, there are many gaps between the paragraphs, the paragraphs themselves are only a few sentences short. This keeps the readers from getting bored or prevents them from not reading it, as a large article can bore people. Another skill the auther used is the formal choice of words. This keeps the article very formal and in line with the topic. This shows the readers that the article is very professional and worth reading for valuable information. One last technique is the use of visuals. The author used pictures to brighten up the article. Another reason is that it is easier for readers to understand what they are reading after seeing a vision. So that overall they have a better reading experience. 

definitively-most reliable or complete, as of a text, author, criticism

pandemic-prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area.

disputed-to engage in argument or debate


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