How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

How can we help one another during the coronavirus outbreak? What can you, your friends, family and community do to look out for one another?

We have to be considerate of others around us and constantly look at the situation from everyone’s point of view as possible. This helps people around us to maybe have a better life, mentally and physically. Most people can’t find food or other supplies mainly because one inconsiderate person is buying all of the resources for themselves which makes it unfair for the rest of the community not having enough. We can help our friends, family and community by first spreading awareness and education people on the rights and wrongs to do at a time like this. What can help is also social distancing from one and other mainly by making a schedule for everyone who you live, work or meet with, so that there aren’t any wants to sneak out and meet them. Overall we need to have patients in a time like this, keeping ourselves openminded and helping out others who are in need of help.

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