Is It Immoral to Increase the Price of Goods During a Crisis?


How much responsibility do retailers, in general, have to prevent stockpiling? Should they place limits on how many items, like hand sanitizer, a person can buy?

I feel retailers do have a big role in these situations, especially when it comes to preventing stockpiling of their supplies such as masks and hand sanitizers. They have a big role because they are the ones selling it, to the stockpilers, this is where the problem is created. I feel that they should limit the number of items that people can buy because this isn’t a problem with high prices, this is a problem of humans lives being a stake. When people stockpile, they are buying so much extra to the point other people can’t physically buy any. People are also not earning enough of money to even buy these masks and hand sanitizers at their normal prices. Another reason why the retailers should be able to limit the number of products they can buy is that not like they are going to lose any revenue, because either way in a pandemic like this people will want to buy; as selling 20 masks to one individual is the same as selling 20 masks to 20 individuals which also improve the chance of saving someone’s life, physically and financially. This is why I think they hold a big responsibility when it comes to preventing stockpiling.

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