What Songs Matter to You Now?


How closely do you listen to song lyrics? When I listen to the song, the first thing my brain does before anything else is listen to the words. I want to understand what is going on, and what the song is about. I feel I connect more with a song when I understand the lyrics of it; especially when the lyrics of the song can be related my life in any way. Do you ever feel moved by what artists are saying, or want to know more about who they are because of the words in their songs? I often feel moved by what the artists are saying or trying to express in their songs; even if it’s a hidden meaning. I find the more I know about the song, the more I like it and connect to its music. I know most of my favourite songs by heart, not because I know and memorised the lyrics but mainly because I understand what is going in the song and what the artist is trying to express. What do you think makes lyrics good or powerful? I feel the more relatable a song is to the general population the more people will like the song. What really makes powerful lyrics is usually a story people can relate to or lyrics that generate feelings that people have felt before. It is all about how much people can relate to your song. If lyrics are not important to you, what else about a song do you listen for? If lyrics were out of the picture, the next thing I would listen for is the structure of the song; well for me, I would mainly be looking at the beat. If its high, low, fast, slow; all of these factors come into play as they can simulate feelings such as anger, sadness etc. It all comes together later on with the words to make the listener feeling and understand the song in relation to their past experiences.27+ Headphones Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

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