What value does studying non-Lit texts add to your study of the Lit text? Give an example or examples in your ELP of times that your study of non-Lit texts has benefited your study of your Lit text.

Literary texts are texts that are narrative, or tell a story, and contain elements of fiction. However, non-literary texts are texts whose primary purpose is to convey information and do not have the same narrative and fictional elements as literary texts. Non-lit texts are a different method of expressing information that can be almost identical to the Lit text but yet seem so different as they can tend to be more imaginative, more visual and more acoustic. In most cases, the land lit text is able to send the same message as the lit text and in some extend cases the lang lit text can help even explain the lit main message if the lit text just in a different context. Non-lit texts often compliment lit texts, in various manners. For example, the lit text Top girl can often be confusing for people to understand however in school we paired it with the nonlit texts of Donna Lisa’s Cartoons, that was able to better explain the true meaning of the cartoon as we were able to match different parts of the text together, showing the relationship of the two texts, which in this case better helped explain the lit text as it overall helps bring out the message, just in a different form.

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