Music Therapy with Apex Harmony Lodge reflection 3 LO2

Continuing this service in season two really showed me how taking this time to care for the patients really has a positive outcome; you can see that the patients recognise you when you walk in and seeing them smile always brings a smile to my face. The more time we spend here I feel I almost become apart of the Apex lodge community. One challenge that I have overcome was bring uncomfortable with the patients, I was often scared I would hurt them and I used to not speak a lot with them, but after a good long season with them, it is easier for me to conduct conversations with them. However this experience was cut short due to covid 19, however throughout the year we still worked online to be able to support the residence of Apex harmony lodge, by spreading their awareness throughout our school.

Music Therapy with Apex Harmony Lodge reflection 2 LO4, LO5

At the end of the day I would see how happy the patients are, and I normally feel extremely grateful for being in this service. Another reason why I love this experience as because it is extremely hands on, you are physically working with people rather than working online from you laptop, I really feel like i’m making a difference. I have to spend around 2 hours in the activity which really shows my commitment, as yes two hours sounds like very little time, however being a boarder we have time regulation and 2 hours is taken away from my already restricted time. And working with my team of fellow students, really helped me initiate more into the activities.

Music Therapy with Apex Harmony Lodge LO1, LO2, LO3

I didn’t know much about the effect of music on people with┬ádementia, but staying in this service really showed me how to care and gave me a new understanding on the disease it self. We work with a trained music therapist to understand the science behind music therapy, and to provide residents with positive experiences to stimulate their memories through music. I haven’t yet gone for a service session, however I am truly exited to get my first session done. It may be awkward at first to break the ice, but after the first session, we should be on better terms.

Knit a Square – Focus Group reflection 3 LO4, LO6, LO7

Overall this It’s very enjoyable and I will probably be signing up for this focus group for my second year in IB. I feel that I also went through a small ethical dilemma when I had to decide between, do I continue to knit over time that I normally use to study as it will physically help people. On the other hand should I just do the usual and study. I had to decide between physical helping people by knitting or work on my studies; eventually I found a even balance and was able to do both without leaving out one or the other.

Knit a Square – Focus Group reflection 2 LO2, LO3, LO4

I can physically see my progress and I feel good once I see how much I have done. Unlike many other activities that work towards a cause, most of them are about collecting money, but here your individual progress makes a difference. I’ve been in this focus group for a few weeks now and so far I have enjoyed my every second, excluding the first twenty minutes figuring out how to knit, but after that I have enjoyed every moment since. It’s a very calm activity and helps to take pressure off my mind, like a little breather where you Knit for a cause

Knit a Square – Focus Group LO1, LO2

Focus Groups aren’t needed in our CAS course, but nonetheless, I picked Knit a Square mainly because I felt this focus group was one of the most hands-on activities in our school. I am extremely excited to join this Focus Group and also learn how to Knit, as I always wanted to be able to learn how to Knit. This also allows me to help out on a global issue of aids.

Hs Yoga reflection 3 LO1, LO2, L06, LO7

Overall I am extremely grateful for the over chance to be able to go through an activity like this in school as being a boarder, this is an extremely great opportunity for me. I really looking forward to carry out this activity for the rest of the year, but looking at how my work schedule has been slowly piling up and I may not be able to have the opportunity to take that time out of my day for yoga, and hopefully spread what I have taken out of yoga to my friends and global community.

HS Yoga reflection 2

Season two of yoga has recently started off, and I’ve started to notice I can stretch more than my usual. Touching my toes without bending used to be pain, this may sound normal for some people but I am actually extremely happy to see actual progress, I am now able to easily touch my toes without bending my knees, that may not sound like something big, but for me it was a pretty big breaking point.

HS Yoga LO1, LO2, LO3

The main reason I took yoga as one of my activities is because I felt that I needed to have one activity throughout my week that would help me relax and regain some mental energy. I’m doing a lot of intense sports and I know one yoga lesson a week may not make a difference, but trying it out can never hurt. And so far I have found it so helpful. It helps me to reach a good place especially with the intense IB course that I’m going through. I have found it a bit hard trying to follow through with some of the poses but over time I feel I can get there; it pains sometimes, but as some people say yoga is the key for a healthy life.

Cross country reflection 3 LO5

During the preseason of cross country and was able to reduce my old-time last year from 20:55 to 19:48 and was fortunate enough to be picked for cross country seasac as the reserved runner. I will keep on training with the selected few that got picked to fly to KL but will not go to KL my self unless someone injures themselves in this process. I will also need to start morning training on Saturday and also start working on my fitness to help improve my overall time. One of the challenges I was able to overcome was reducing my overall time, I found it extremely hard to do this, and keep my self motivated even though there were fasters runners than me. But in the end, it paid off, as I was able to reduce my time by almost a minute, and as writing this, I was further able to improve my time to 18:45, and I will aim for a seat in the top 5 of the SEASAC team.