Religion and Theocracy in Handmaids tail

Religion and Theocracy

Gilead is a theocracy, a government where church and state are combined. You can see many connections back to the  Old Testament through the chapters when they mention phrases such as blessed day”, “blessed be the fruit. The fact that gilead is so connect to the old testament, shows how people in the community look up to old testament almost as much as if they are laws.

For example in a certain section in the Old Testament, there comes the justification for many of Gilead’s most savage characteristics; the role of the Handmaids. That states where fertile servants can carry on adulterous relationships to allow infertile women, this overall shows how such crazy rules, are justified and even supported by the community as it is stated in the Old Testament indicating influences the people’s views on different thinks, making it seem normal. Overall this potrays how The Handmaid’s Tale is not a criticism of the Bible in itself but of how different people use the Bible for their own oppressive purposes, and in this case to controll other people.

What value does studying non-Lit texts add to your study of the Lit text? Give an example or examples in your ELP of times that your study of non-Lit texts has benefited your study of your Lit text.

Literary texts are texts that are narrative, or tell a story, and contain elements of fiction. However, non-literary texts are texts whose primary purpose is to convey information and do not have the same narrative and fictional elements as literary texts. Non-lit texts are a different method of expressing information that can be almost identical to the Lit text but yet seem so different as they can tend to be more imaginative, more visual and more acoustic. In most cases, the land lit text is able to send the same message as the lit text and in some extend cases the lang lit text can help even explain the lit main message if the lit text just in a different context. Non-lit texts often compliment lit texts, in various manners. For example, the lit text Top girl can often be confusing for people to understand however in school we paired it with the nonlit texts of Donna Lisa’s Cartoons, that was able to better explain the true meaning of the cartoon as we were able to match different parts of the text together, showing the relationship of the two texts, which in this case better helped explain the lit text as it overall helps bring out the message, just in a different form.

Stress, Worry and Anxiety Are All Different. How Do You Cope With Each?

What did you learn from the article about the differences between worry, stress or anxiety? How did the article change how you think about each?

As much as these seem the same, there three problems are extremely different in multiple ways. Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. Worry refers to the thoughts, images, emotions, and actions of a negative nature in a repetitive, uncontrollable manner that results from a proactive cognitive risk analysis made to avoid or solve anticipated potential threats and their potential consequences. Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. The first day of school, going to a job interview, or giving a speech may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous.

The fact that these three are different means that we probably cope with them in different ways however treatment for anxiety and stress comes together and falls into two categories: psychotherapy and medication. Meeting with a therapist or psychologist can help you learn tools to use and strategies to cope with anxiety when it occurs. There are also other solutions for worry such as meditation, sports or change in diet. Stress is rather different, there are multiple treatments that people do in their daily life, working out, listing to music, reduce caffeine even spending time with friends and family. But if it becomes severe, you can always consider medical Supplements.

The article has changed my understanding of these problems, especially in a time like this, where the world is in a global pandemic that we need to take precaution and avoid falling into these traps

What Songs Matter to You Now?


How closely do you listen to song lyrics? When I listen to the song, the first thing my brain does before anything else is listen to the words. I want to understand what is going on, and what the song is about. I feel I connect more with a song when I understand the lyrics of it; especially when the lyrics of the song can be related my life in any way. Do you ever feel moved by what artists are saying, or want to know more about who they are because of the words in their songs? I often feel moved by what the artists are saying or trying to express in their songs; even if it’s a hidden meaning. I find the more I know about the song, the more I like it and connect to its music. I know most of my favourite songs by heart, not because I know and memorised the lyrics but mainly because I understand what is going in the song and what the artist is trying to express. What do you think makes lyrics good or powerful? I feel the more relatable a song is to the general population the more people will like the song. What really makes powerful lyrics is usually a story people can relate to or lyrics that generate feelings that people have felt before. It is all about how much people can relate to your song. If lyrics are not important to you, what else about a song do you listen for? If lyrics were out of the picture, the next thing I would listen for is the structure of the song; well for me, I would mainly be looking at the beat. If its high, low, fast, slow; all of these factors come into play as they can simulate feelings such as anger, sadness etc. It all comes together later on with the words to make the listener feeling and understand the song in relation to their past experiences.27+ Headphones Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Is It Immoral to Increase the Price of Goods During a Crisis?


How much responsibility do retailers, in general, have to prevent stockpiling? Should they place limits on how many items, like hand sanitizer, a person can buy?

I feel retailers do have a big role in these situations, especially when it comes to preventing stockpiling of their supplies such as masks and hand sanitizers. They have a big role because they are the ones selling it, to the stockpilers, this is where the problem is created. I feel that they should limit the number of items that people can buy because this isn’t a problem with high prices, this is a problem of humans lives being a stake. When people stockpile, they are buying so much extra to the point other people can’t physically buy any. People are also not earning enough of money to even buy these masks and hand sanitizers at their normal prices. Another reason why the retailers should be able to limit the number of products they can buy is that not like they are going to lose any revenue, because either way in a pandemic like this people will want to buy; as selling 20 masks to one individual is the same as selling 20 masks to 20 individuals which also improve the chance of saving someone’s life, physically and financially. This is why I think they hold a big responsibility when it comes to preventing stockpiling.

How Can We Help One Another During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

How can we help one another during the coronavirus outbreak? What can you, your friends, family and community do to look out for one another?

We have to be considerate of others around us and constantly look at the situation from everyone’s point of view as possible. This helps people around us to maybe have a better life, mentally and physically. Most people can’t find food or other supplies mainly because one inconsiderate person is buying all of the resources for themselves which makes it unfair for the rest of the community not having enough. We can help our friends, family and community by first spreading awareness and education people on the rights and wrongs to do at a time like this. What can help is also social distancing from one and other mainly by making a schedule for everyone who you live, work or meet with, so that there aren’t any wants to sneak out and meet them. Overall we need to have patients in a time like this, keeping ourselves openminded and helping out others who are in need of help.

The character of Karomat Lone argues that citizenship is a privilege, not a right. It can be revoked if the government thinks appropriate. Do you agree with him?

Comparing it with two articles Washington Post and The Daily Mail

The articles both had an extremely contrasting text tone, the Washington Post was rather calmer and had an almost sad tone to it, so people may feel sympathy for Shamima Begum, the language was very formal making it sound reliable to the readers. Meanwhile, The Daily Mail post had a much more volatile tone, the language was much more explicit to how the author felt and gave no regards to the audience; however, which while reading is extremely persuasive, as it gives a more passionate argument. The Daily Mail’s post also relates to the extract from Home fire as in both texts there was an angry tone towards the issue. 

But when it comes to the overall content of the articles I feel that the situations in Home Fire and the two articles about Shamima Begum who left the UK in February 2015, aged 15, to join the ISIS are extremely different when you look into it closely. One of the main differences I feel was that unlike in Home Fire Shamima Begum wasn’t as brainwashed as Eamonn was. Eamonn didn’t know what he was going into as all he wanted was to be closer to his father; however, Shamima Begum who was well educated and very well knew what she was getting into bed with, still left to join ISIS. This offers the challenge that can you even judge both of the cases together as they are actually extremely different. But at the same time, it gives me clarity about if I agree with their citizenship being provoked. 

So overall I do agree with Karomat Lone statement that ‘citizenship is a privilege, not a right.’ Mainly because, if you want to keep your citizenship, you must be loyal to that country and joining a terrorist group isn’t doing so. But in the case of Eamonn, he was brainwashed which is why I would give him his citizenship back. However, for  Shamima Begum who left the UK, who knew completely what she was getting into, I would not give her, her citizenship back. There has to be a limit and revoking her citizenship should be used as an example for others who do the same and try to come back into the country.

Analysing articles


Title and date: ‘Super-spreaders’: COVID19 myth or reality?(March 14, 2020)

This article explores an argument about the question that is roaming in society about the coronavirus, whether that coronavirus super spreader is actually real or a myth. These are people that infect far more people than the normal coronavirus patient does

I picked to explore as the article looks from various perspectives about a topic, giving different points for both sides and even coming to a final understanding at the end. The article itself asks the readers the question “Can a single COVID-19 patient infect dozens of others?”, this shows how it is trying to get the readers to think about it before the article really starts off. This shows how the purpose is to explore, as the article it selfs makes the reader explore the idea before. 

The tone of the article is very serious and formal as it is examining a serious situation in today’s society. And the more serious it can be, the more likely people will take in the information from the article.

One of the techniques he author in this article was the small sentence strictures. As you can see while reading this article, there are many gaps between the paragraphs, the paragraphs themselves are only a few sentences short. This keeps the readers from getting bored or prevents them from not reading it, as a large article can bore people. Another skill the auther used is the formal choice of words. This keeps the article very formal and in line with the topic. This shows the readers that the article is very professional and worth reading for valuable information. One last technique is the use of visuals. The author used pictures to brighten up the article. Another reason is that it is easier for readers to understand what they are reading after seeing a vision. So that overall they have a better reading experience. 

definitively-most reliable or complete, as of a text, author, criticism

pandemic-prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area.

disputed-to engage in argument or debate


Breaking stereotypes

This photo presents my friend Abhu, a 17-year old Indian boy playing squash with the no.5 in Singapore Men’s category squash finalist, who later on takes the first position in the tournament. This picture breaks the general stereotype that Indians are generally less athletic and inadequate for competitions. The white background of the court which is normally glass in most competitions matches with his t-shirt, this indicates the idea that he is similar to the court. This can be interpreted that, unlike most the stereotype that follows Indians he is one with the sport, one with the game. He is also facing the back of the court, away from the wall, this is meant to imply how he has no dead ends, he doesn’t have any limits that stop him from becoming number one. This also breaks the stereotype as most Indians that do athletic never reach the top. This picture was also taken right when my friend Abhu’s racket is facing up while his opponent’s is facing down. This portrays how abhu is ascending in the game, he is getting to a higher place; meanwhile, the racket facing down is to indicate how the opponent’s side of the game is going. Which as it turns out not very good. This picture overall shows how the general stereotype that Indians are generally less athletic and inadequate for competitions isn’t always the case, using various photographic techniques.