Exchange Trip

Last year in Grade 8, I had a choice to go on an exchange trip to an amazing country like Switzerland, Sweden, China and many others. And part of me really wanted to go, however my reservations held me back from what I feel would have been a great experience. When I looked at what would be taking place I thought “Wow! That sounds amazing!” I would be able to actually experience a different weather climate. In some countries even snow! I thought and thought about all the positives, I could make life long friends or maybe I would really connect with the host family. Maybe I would fall in love with the country or learn a new language. I thought about how many people would dream of this experience but I let my shyness hold me back. I was scared of not knowing the language, or maybe the host family and child were real mean. What if I had no friends and would have to sit alone at lunch. Or even as simple as what if I didn’t like the food. And looking back at it, those excuses sound silly and I wish I had been confident enough to put myself out there when I had the chance.

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