Grade 9 Reflection

I have done 8 weeks of High School and I can’t believe how quick it’s gone. I remember last year when I was deciding which subjects I wanted to do and stressing out about how much homework I was going to get. But grade 9 has been a lovely surprise, and I have actually enjoyed the changes from middle school to high school. I have enjoyed high school so far for many reasons, for example, I really enjoy how all my classes have different people in it because it helps to have a bit of a change in routine and therefore it helps me to not become as bored. Something else I have enjoyed is the information we are learning in class. I feel that when I am in class, I feel more engaged to what we are learning. Also, I like how we have a syllabus because it feels like the lessons are more structured and therefore we are always doing stuff that is actually useful. Although I enjoy Grade 9 there have been some challenges. Mainly the amount of homework I get for the weekend. I feel like throughout the week I am able to keep up with the amount of homework and it’s only a bit more compared to Grade 8. However whilst on the weekend, I have to spend a whole day dedicated to homework. It is still manageable but sometimes feels like I only have a one day weekend. I’m really looking forward to my Himalayas trip in the Easter break. Something I have learnt about myself is that I am able to adapt to different situations and even if under stress I am able to get through it. Something I have learnt about UWC is that in High School teachers treat you with a lot more respect compared to middle school which is a really nice feeling. I would tell future grade 9’s to choose what they¬†enjoy for subjects instead of thinking of the future. I chose what I enjoyed and am loving my subjects so far. Also, don’t stress out about grade 9, it’s really not all that different from grade 8 and you might even like it better. I would suggest to figure out what organisational skills help you in grade 8 as this will help you stay on top of everything when in Grade 9. I am ready for the rest of grade 9 and so far am not nervous about anything.

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