My Reflection in Service for Migrant Workers Association

What have I done in Service?

During service, we would fluctuate from different ideas, Healthserve to Migrant Workers Association. I would say that my participation has been limited; this includes a lack of communication and a lack of paying attention to those who are presenting something. It’s something that I’m not proud of, and there are always more opportunities to improve. I plan to utilise the downfalls I’ve experienced during service, to come back more mature and active in what this service stands for: helping the community.  I have to increase respect, communication, and active listening, helping me become more involved in the service. In the end, it’s all a learning experience, helping me mould into a better person for the community of, not just Singapore, but the world.`

What do I hope to get out of this Service?

I hope to become a more active individual in supporting a community, which allows me to become more engaged in the UWCSEA mission; this allows me to push myself into areas that I am very unfamiliar with, such as service. Hopefully, this will contribute to my ability to become a, generally, better person. Hopefully, this will increase my ability to socialize and become more responsible, which will help me become efficient and reliable.

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