The Grade 9 Personal Statement

Since I was born with so many privileges, I feel obliged to make the most of my life because I cannot let anyone down. Therefore I have to take the necessary steps to do so. This year I have tried to take many risks and become independent in order to prepare myself for the future. I signed up for the Kenya school trip this year, where we are going to go on a 10km hike at very high altitudes. I have been training for it so that I can enjoy those three weeks which I will be away from Singapore. I also tried playing new sports this year, I joined a school badminton class where we practiced badminton every Wednesday from 3-6pm. This was useful because it allowed me to practice useful skills in physical education which can also be used in other sports. I also tried playing golf this year, and I found out that I really enjoy the sport. My goal is to join the golf SEASAC team next year and to do that I have to practice a lot and consistently. While going through this year I also wanted to express my gratitude for all of the things I take for granted because sometimes things go by too fast and you don’t have time to appreciate anything, so I joined the Capturing East service, which is a service where our objective is to celebrate and show appreciation to the support staff in our school community. We wanted to build a closer connection between the students and the support staff, such as the librarians, chefs, security guards. So far, we have already set up many eye-catching posters which are about individual staff members, fun facts about them, so that students will learn more about the people that take care of them and treat them more like regular humans. I have been proud to be a part of this service because a goal I set myself last year was to take service seriously as it is a vital aspect to have when developing to an adult. I tried to achieve my goals by experimenting with various techniques for studying, such as studying for 45 minutes and taking a 20-minute break, or studying for a long period of time and then taking a long break, because I knew I need to develop good studying habits and practice time management in order to do well academically in this school.

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