My name is Tarush. I am in Grade 9, in UWCSEA East. Next year I want to work on managing my time more and not leaving things for the last minute. If I receive a large homework assignment due in a few weeks time I do not want to wait until it is due and do it because then all my homework assignments will stack up together and give me a crazy amount of homework to do in a little amount of time. By managing my time I can do little bits of homework throughout a long period of time to get it all done more simply. I also want to be more of a risk taker in the future.

This year I pushed myself to do as much as I can. I tried to achieve my goals by experimenting with various techniques for studying, such as studying for 45 minutes and taking a 20-minute break, or studying for a long period of time and then taking a long break. I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone by signing up for the Kenya trip, where it requires you to be very fit because you have to trek up mountains. Originally I was just going to do something simple and short, but I decided to do Kenya because I will get to do things I have never done before, like climb a mountain and experience what it is like to be so high up, and because the trip is so long I will have the opportunity to make new friends.

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