During the first day of school in grade 10, the full grade got to play these fun mini-games. Some of these games demanded the full group to be involved in order to accomplish the goal of the game.

For example, in of one of the games we played, we had to tangle ourselves by standing in an enclosed circle and holding the hands of peoples across and around you, and once everybody was holding someone’s hands, we had to untangle ourselves without letting go. This was a unique and challenging experience because if one person decides to do something, everybody else would get effected. In order to prevent everybody from moving around and falling over, we had to coordinate ourselves.

I saw this as a good opportunity to take the leadership role to calm the full group down in order to figure out the best way to approach the situation. Once everybody had concentrated, the game became much easier. I told someone to step over another person, and from their, the full group understood how to untangle each other, and in a relatively short amount of time, we were able to untangle ourselves while holding on to each other the full time. All it took was some initiative and collaboration.



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