CREST Reflection #2


I have finished my CREST project and I am going through the reflection process. I think I did well with the way I presented my information as I kept it engaging and interesting. I also think I did a good job of coming up with a realistic conclusion, but I should have worked on narrowing down my idea or maybe choosing something more established in the scientific community.

I learned a lot about meditation, I used to doubt it and not really believe it, but I learned now that there can be many benefits and I know that because the evidence doesn’t just come from my mom but also from scientists. I realized that meditation actually does have several benefits being able to connect structures and renovations in the brain, but I found out in the process that you are unable to make any large conclusions on this topic right now because it has not been tested enough and studies still have a long way to go to find out if it is 100% reliable.

I feel that my topic and video would have a large impact on people around the world as meditation has drastically increased in popularity over the past few decades and it has a 1.1 billion USD industry. Meditation is constantly being promoted by others as a good way to reduce stress and anxiety, however, the religious origins of mediation make it seem as if it is not scientifically reliable and not a real way to cure problems. Therefore I believe this video may shed some light on the useful benefits that it can provide to people.

I should have had a stronger structure overall and made sure that I constantly drew back to the topic question. Another thing is that I should have tried to use more creative visual elements to help the viewers understand the concepts more instead of using images from the internet while explaining things.

In the future I may try to conduct a research experiment based around this topic to get some actual data to support my argument, however, the problem with this is that it would be hard to make it reliable as I would need a control group and make sure there are no other factors effecting the results.

CREST Reflection #1

What might have helped you decide your project theme?
My general interests, as well as my mother, helped me decide my project theme. My mother strongly believes in things like homeopathy and meditation to heal, and I never really trusted it as I assumed there was no real scientific evidence to support those things. This is why I decided to study meditation for my project, to discover if there is any truth to it or not.

How might you demonstrate creativity and innovation through this project?
I can demonstrate creativity and innovation through the type of communication medium that I’m doing. I am demonstrating my research as a video, therefore I will have the opportunity to implement engaging and attractive visuals to help display the information.