Within the UWC Community, many individuals are passionate about mental health and the concepts surrounding the general idea of what menstrual health is worldwide. During one of our sessions, we were fortunate to have two guest speakers share their voices on the topic, Amber Tilling-Richards and Ruby Psillides.

Amber discussed the period poverty and stigma in South Africa; she brought insight into the many issues surrounding period poverty within this part of the world. Amber provided new perspectives and general ideas, which we were able to discover more about as a focus group. She was able to explore this topic and researched this issue as a part of her IB Global Politics internal assessment.

Ruby then discussed her IB Extended Essay topic regarding period poverty and stigma within Singapore. She shared how her passion for stigmatization and eradicating such stigma has allowed her to reflect and learn more about how it influences  Singapore.

As a focus group, we were fortunate and lucky to have two individuals share how their passions related to GEP have allowed them to explore worldwide issues to help spread awareness or gain a sense of acknowledgement of everyday issues that people who bleed face.