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About Us:

As an organisation, Gili Eco Trust’s projects encompass a wide variety of conservation efforts, ranging from our highly successful “Biorock” program, which provides long-term, sustainable structures to support coral growth in the reefs surrounding Gili. By running an electrical current through the steel structure (which acts as an exoskeleton for coral), the growth of coral life is stimulated, thus fighting the damage which has been wrought upon the coral surrounding Gili in recent years.

We are also involved in various campaigns, both on and off-campus, to raise awareness on the many environmental issues that threaten the rich marine biodiversity around Gili. Our goals tie closely with the 14th Sustainable Development Goals established by UN; Life Under Water and our responsibility to protect it.

Our major events are Family Festival (a big bazaar each year in March at UWCSEA with carnival-themed activities, stalls and food) and Swimdonesia (a joint event with two other GCs to raise money through water activities, food, stalls and a Swim for Life event where swimmers swim a determined amount of length raising money through sponsors).

Our video on our GC

Quick infographic on our aims and goals of our GC


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