Family Festival

On the 14th of March, UWCSEA East campus hosted the annual Family Festival. Gili Eco Trust participated in the event by selling merchandise and helping out the zero waste stall by washing dirty dishes and leasing out plates, bowls and cutlery. This was aimed to reduce waste at the event.

This was one of our best years at the event as we were able to sell a lot of our merchandise. However, it is still important to constantly strive for improvement which will be presented in the following SWOT Analysis.

1) Strengths
-The addition of primary school students and teachers to our stall helped to appeal and sell to a younger audience
-The organised nature of our stall in terms of student allocation
-General products sold: Including low performers such as the Glitter and T-Shirts
-Active advertising: High School students successfully managed to actively attract parents

2) Weaknesses
-Organisation of the various clothing that we sold during the event: The boxes they were in were not organised making it more difficult to find the correct sizes

-Selling the glitter: Due to more appropriate pricing
-We managed to get rid of our excess stock of reusable bags

-The reliance on a single finance person: Iman was there for the whole time and managed the stall
-Next time brief everyone on money collection

Below is our SWOT analysis for the zero waste stall

1) Strengths
-We managed to reduce the waste at the family festival by not using non-reusable tableware.
-Able to lease out plates effectively and efficiently
-A constant flow of leasing and washing.

2) Weaknesses
-There was limited organisation before the event as the timings and roles were decided too late
-The roles and responsibilities were not kept at times.

-Connect our environmental sustainability with zero waste and our aims of our GC

-We did not have enough change to give back to the customers as many used 50 dollar notes to pay for the leasing.

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