January 11

Hard News


The article  Comrade Duch. He was theis about the chief torturer at the Tuol Sleng prison during the Cambodian regime. Comrade Duch admitted murdering thousands of Cambodians and gave a sincere apology for the crimes he had committed 30 years ago.The headline of the article is “Khmer Rouge’s chief torturer tells court of ‘heartfelt sorrow’ over killings” from The guardian shows conflict through emotion because they said heartfelt apology it’s showing that the person is feeling guilty for killing so many people,  and they used the word killings to make it seem very interesting. They did this to make the readers click on the article and to make the reader want to read the article because they made the headline seem more interesting than it actual is.The use of subheadings, the style of writing and their purposeIn this article there is only one subheading which is the subheading is “Comrade Duch apologises to families of victims tortured to death in Cambodia” The purpose of a subheading is to show a more accurate representation of what the article is about because the headline is meant to get people to click on the article but I feel like the purpose of the subheading is to tell the reader what the article is about and to make sure that the reader knows what they are reading if they got the wrong idea from the headline of the article but they still try to make it look interesting to read. The photo is of Comrade Duch close to tears, they chose this photo so it looks like his apology is genuine and it makes you feel bad for him because he looks sad and that he is on the verge on crying as if he wants to be forgiven for the crimes he has committed against the families of the victims. The paragraphs on this article are short. The articles remain short because the purpose of this article is for it be entertaining and informative, they need to keep it short so that they don’t lose the readers attention as if they have long paragraphs the majority of their audience would lose interest and leave the page without getting the full story. The guardian had 10 quotes in this article. The majority of the quotes were mainly Dulch’s. They needed to quote him  because the focus of the article and the focus is on his “heartfelt apology” so they need to quote his apology and the reasons why he did the things he did.The focus of the article is just facts the article does a good job with staying unbiased because they didn’t mention anything that would seem opinionated, the guardian mainly only stated facts which were what was said by Comrade Duch and what will happen to him after the coming weeks at time that the article was written.

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