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Podcast Buddy Challenge

My partner and I are going to do a challenge- communicate only with emoji for a month. I think it will be fun, and even if we don’t understand each other, we can talk face to face. :mrgreen: 

Personality agreement- beginning

Personality agreement- content

I used GarageBand to edit my audios.

This is screenshots of my calendar reminders.

Here’s the recording of our experience:

Add the actual DATES Partner One-GloriaAudio links Partner Two-WinnieAudio links
Day One Day 1 Day one
Day Two Day 2 Day two
Day Three Day 3 Day three
Day Four Day 4 Day four
Day Five Day 5 Day five
    1. Here are the two questions we chose:


  1. Based on today–do you think you would be able to do this challenge for a whole month? Why or why not?
  2. How much does technology influence your relationships with others? What makes you say so?

Here are the 4 threads we chose:

Partner 1 audio1-1 audio1-2 audio2
Partner 2 audio 1  audio 2


“In every area of life — from your education to your work to your health — it is your amount of grit, mental toughness, and perseverance predicts your level of success more than any other factor we can find.”

“talent is overrated.”

“Mental toughness is like a muscle. It needs to be worked to grow and develop. If you haven’t pushed yourself in thousands of small ways, of course, you’ll wilt when things get really difficult.”

These three quotes tell that mental toughness is very important. Not that once you have strength or smarts or leadership potential then you can be successful. There’s something irreplaceable, it is grit — the perseverance and passion to achieve long–term goals — that made the difference. However, it not easy to have grit which supports you till you achieve the top, first you need a tough mental, as the article said, mental toughness is like a muscle, you push it, it becomes stronger, but if you do not care about it, it wilts.

Next time, for partner agreement, I would talk more about time management, my partner and I manage the time well because it is very convenient for us to see each other, however, I won’t always collaborate with people who are easy to meet, so I will consider to manage the time and also think about the way to communicate with my future partner. In addition, after I read an article I consider to ask these questions to myself and also my partners:

  • What are some honest, unfiltered things about you?
  • What drives you nuts?
  • What are your quirks?
  • What qualities do you particularly value in people who work with you?
  • What are some things that people might misunderstand about you that you should clarify?”



Every part of these tools is very useful if you use it in the right way. We always need to do reflection to ourselves, therefore, we need to take a closer look at ourselves, measure what we feel, sharpen emotional vocabulary, pick up for others’ emotional states and also open up to others. These can help us better collaborate and communicate with other people. 









That’s all, thank you for reading. 🙂



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Dpers-post reviewing

  1. Include 3-5 quotes from the episode that you found interesting.

Image translation. Alex: I’m going home. Liza: I’m with a friend and she’s had a death in the family, don’t come to drinks with us. Alex: ? I’m gonna drink with other people instead.


Digital sticker set created by illustrator David Lanham for the Path social network. “Willa is a strong, modern wombat.”

  1. 50-75 words explaining how the episode used the conventions, and to what effect?

The more we access the web from mobile devices, the more visual our communications seem to become. Smartphone cameras enable us to express ourselves through the photos and videos we spread around on apps like Instagram and SnapChat. Meanwhile, a growing fleet of messaging services like WhatsApp, WeChat and Line make it even easier to incorporate imagery in our casual communications. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are using them to speak to one another in emojis and digital sticker sets, a trend that has grabbed the attention of Silicon Valley tech giants like Facebook and Google.


  1. 50-75 words What about this episode helps you pick the challenge to try out?

In the unedited version, they translated Moby Dick into Emoji and the story of Charles Bliss, the man who tried to build a global language entirely out of images. I think this is a very good idea to translate a story into emoji, if you did it well, you can even ignore language problem, make people in the world understand the story without translators. Therefore, translate a short simple story might be the main thing to do for me and my partner, and we are going to chat something else as well during break time. This will be my challenge to try.


  1. What new questions do you have as the result of thinking about this episode? (list 2-3)
  1. How to make your expression clear for readers.
  2. Which app is easier for this item.
  3. How to set symbols for emoji.
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Global Perspective – HW

Why do ethical considerations need to be taken into account when designing driverless cars?

Nothing is absolute save. In the future, the cars are all driverless, if your car is driving forwards with a fast speed now, then you see a dog, you will hit a dog if you don’t stop the car, however, you are not the driver. If the self-driving program of the car only requires vehicles to obey traffic rules, the car won’t stop. That’s why ethical considerations need to be taken into account when designing driverless cars.

But I still think driverless cars are flawed. For example, you can have a look at the picture above, in the picture, we need to make a decision, whether save a baby, a male doctor an elderly man and a female athlete or save a baby and a pregnant woman(ignore the red signal). This is hard to decide, the pregnant woman may be thinking about her child’s name, she is hopeful about the future… the female athlete has great potential and she is the hope of winning the Olympic Games… the male doctor can save many people’s lives, and he has saved many people already… the elderly man might be the policymaker of a company, if he dies, there will have changes in the stock market, the company will face layoffs, many people will lose their jobs… A driverless car cannot make decision for these.

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Unit 2- Stop Motion

Fantastic video!


Self-management– We think the most challenging thing for us is time management, we sometimes couldn’t follow our plan. One is because we have a different schedule, another is that we always have a new idea but don’t have the equipment to help us finish.  We failed at organizing materials effectively, First, we considered about using a puppet. We made an anime puppet which can wave its hands, but the problem is that we cannot find a suitable background board, even we find it, it couldn’t be big enough. Then, we tried to act by ourselves, one of us would move slowly, and another would take photos. But it was still difficult to make a good atmosphere, for example, if we turn off the light, the room would be too dark to take photos… we faced many problems, however, we solved them in the end. When we were hesitant about animation and people acting, we decided to merge them. One thing important that we can keep an optimistic mindset.

Collaboration– I think we did well on collaboration, we always have clear divisions of responsibilities, if one of us has a new idea, we would discuss it together and compare it with the old idea. If someone finished her things first, she would help another person. We encouraged each other when it was necessary and we were patient all the time. We discussed our video face to face because both of us are boarders, we always have time to make our product more perfect. We seldom had disagreement because we would compromise before quarrel.

Communication– Before we start to record the film, we had discussion time first, but if another person could not understand, we would draw down our thoughts to explain. When one is speaking, another would listen carefully,  after she finished, the listener would share her idea because we could never know whose idea is better. Here is an example: when we were choosing music, both of us have our own idea, we had a topic about the BGM but there are so many kinds of music. So we listened to others’ music, then found out the best one. We did not have any problem in language or express our ideas.


Partner Agreement

Gloria: Doris is a good partner, I really enjoy the time working with her.

Doris: We worked really well, I think we did a wonderful job. But for the efficient part, we can still improve a lot.

We should be an active listener when people are talking and be patient when we are doing our work. We need to be friendly with our partner, for example, we shouldn’t quarrel with each other because of some small disagreement.

Anyway, this is a very good opportunity to understand each other deeply and it is also a very good experience for us to learn more things,  and how to better communicate with people. Wish we can work together again in the future!




B-roll stop motion(image)-

Preparing for On The Set Day- 


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Understanding of respiration

Respiration is a process of release energy.

The powerhouses of cells- mitochondria, they break down nutrients(glucose, oxygen) when they go in, and then, create energy(carbon dioxide, water, ATP) for the cell. As we can see, respiration happens in mitochondria.

The equation of respiration: C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6H2O

If we reverse the equation, it becomes the equation of photosynthesis:            6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2

Related image


Any process in the body that requires energy needs respiration, and we did an experiment which represents the process of respiration.

  1. Get a syringe, and put some glucose(already reacted with air, it shows: C6H12O6 + 6O2) in it.
  2. Cover it with clay, make sure there won’t be oxygen get in during the experiment.
  3. Get an empty tube.
  4. Put syringe into the empty tube straightly with clay in the button.
  5. Fill the tube with hot water.
  6. Observe what is happening in the tube.


Result: There are bubbles coming out after the syringe enter hot water, the volume of things inside the syringe increase from 3 to 4.

Conclusion: Those bubbles contain gas, which is carbon dioxide. The number changed because there’s water inside the syringe. The experience shows us, C6H12O6 + 6O2→ 6CO2 + 6H2O.


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Drama- Lesson with Bill

Please write a paragraph telling me your takeaways from today’s session with Bill. What did you learn? What was useful? What will you use in your mono? 

I learned how to use our imagination to create something that is not really there. Pretend you are trying to open a door, you are staring at something you like… to make your audiences follow your thoughts, then, believe that there’s something on your hands or in front of you… I think it is a very useful skill, it helps you get easier and faster to get into your character and story from practice your imagination. In another hand, if you don’t have suitable stage property to use in play, you can create it by using your imagination, so the skill can help us with saving money as well. I will use it in my mono, I can create a person sitting behind me and listening to me, then I can make my movement more natural.


Retrospective Reflection- Think back to some key learning you have had in the class. Why do you think it was so significant for you?

Mr.Bill said that if we want to do mine perfectly, we need to practise it for many years. It is significant for me because it tells me anything need your hard-working.


Intentional Reflection- List two or three things you intend to do with the skills you have acquired or the discoveries you have made. List two or three areas that you want to research or examine further.

  1. Mine – I think this is a very useful thing for me. Get into my deep thoughts, forget my concerns, this is not only a drama skills, it also helps me relax.
  2. Creativity – We need imagination, it a very useful skill. For example, when you pretend you are staring at something, you can create an object you like or hate. This can make your performance more lively.


Evaluative Reflection- What worked well? What was challenging? How did you solve the problem? What did this teach you?

I think the most challenging thing is to ignore people around you and enter your world. My solvement is to pay all my attention to things I create. Actually, we don’t need to care about other people, because it is our own performance.


Action Points- List things to remember for the future or things to do next. Treat this as artistic advisor to your future self from your present self.

  1. Get into your play or character.
  2. Practise mine more frequently.
  3. Be patient.
  4. Pay attention when you are performing.
  5. Imagination is important


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Bintan Trip reflection

On our second trip to Bintan, we gave a lesson to the children there. Our theme is puppet show, we hoped to let them know the importance of doing exercise and ways to protect the environment. After a puppet show which is mainly about how to greet people and how important doing exercise is, we use an interesting way to teach children doing exercise. For example, we divided students into two groups, one symbolized fish, another one symbolized fisherman. Students would stand on one side of the field, and when the game start, ‘fish’ will run to another side of the field, then, ‘fishermen’ waggle their hands, pretend they are pulling the fishing lines. In simple terms, it was a running competition, but we made it more interesting.


After the lesson, we made a SWOT. We listened to the TIF, we knew more about our strength, weakness, threats and opportunities. About our opportunities, there were many things that we can improve. First, we could organize our lesson better, in time management. Because there were many students in a class, so we divided them into two groups, one group outdoor, one group inside the room. But, when one group finished their exercise, another group was still working on its parts. So we figured out a way that let the faster group teach children simple nursery rhyme in English. We had an exercise which teaches kids about ‘pick up trash’. We asked them to pick up leaves and stones in the field, but it could be better if we can let children go outside the school and pick up real trash on the way.


During our final discussion with TIF. We made many simple English questions to add to games, this can attract children’s attention so that they won’t feel bored when they are learning English skills. We all hope that we can do something for the education in Bintan.


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Before the second trip, our preparations for the lesson

–What has created the lesson plan and presentation for The Island Foundation taught you about the way children learn best?

#Praise students for jobs well done, as doing so improves academic and behavioural performance, according to a recent research review and study.

#Through helping peers, students will strengthen the knowledge they have as well as explain the concept to their peers in a comprehensible manner.

#Be patient with children, if there’s any problem, you need to talk or explain to them carefully.

#A segment of the whole lesson shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes, or you will lose their attention.



–What connections can you draw between Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and/or Vygotsky’s social learning theory and the way you have constructed your lesson?

#Piaget thinks that children think differently, but Vygotsky thinks that biological factors and culture determines the type of memory. In Piaget’s theory, if you cover a toy which is put in front of a child with a cardboard, the child will be interested in a toy that suddenly ‘disappears’, but they don’t think that the toy is behind the cardboard, even if they see you covering it up.

#About Vygotsky’s social learning theory, he thinks if the culture People’s ideas advance with the progress of the society. For example, in China, people used to make a fist, and put their thumb and little finger up, then put their hands beside their ear, which is the gesture of making a phone call. However, in today’s China, children hold their fingers together as a gesture of phone. Why is there such a difference? Because the appearance of the previous phone and the present phone has changed, so the gestures people use to indicate the phone have also changed over time. This is Vygotsky’s social learning theory.



–Why is this approach to learning important for meeting Indonesia’s development needs?

#Education system of Indonesia is large and complex, and it is extremely broad and including multilateral institutions, thus, the way we teaching need to be suitable for the rapid development of Indonesia, for example, we should add some knowledge about the 3c’s, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. To make the students understand better, we need to do some research about how children thinking, so our lesson should be meaningful and useful for children’s future but need to be attractive for them as well. The approach is useful because it helps us attract our students easier and more suitable for Indonesia education system.


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Advice for science test

I think I should read the questions carefully, I have made mistakes on this point. For example, the question wanted me to say something about the action of enzymes, so I supposed to explain how enzymes work. However, I described the trend of the graph. 😐 I need to answer questions with more specific answers, such as more accurate and more comprehensive description.

Image result for question

The most important thing is to review more carefully before the exam, after all, this can make me more calm and confident in the exam. :mrgreen:

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Reflection of the frist trip

What did you learn about “Living in Bintan” by interviewing different stakeholders using the different Compass perspectives ?

People who live in Bintan like the environment there. But most of them do not pay much attention to natural changes. When we asked about the weather, the most common answer was, ‘I didn’t notice it’. Actually, it is a good news that their living conditions were not bad enough to attract the attention of the locals. 🙂 Locals welcome tourists, this surprised me at first, I thought tourists will break the rules of Bintan, for example, people who do not know the cultures there, might go outdoor with shorts, this makes locals feel uncomfortable. Local people care more about the development of Bintan than their feelings, so they are looking forward to the development of tourism.


Why was it important to go through this process?

The information we got in the interview is the most authentic and the closest to ordinary people’s thinking. For example, the information we got was different. When we interviewed the principal, we could get information about the development of education in the country. When we asked the man who opened the shop, we could get some information about the national economy. Therefore, we can get more details and more authentic information.


When presenting your Compass perspectives (Nature, Economy, Society and Well Being) What did you do well? What could you improve?

I connected everything that I was going to talk about, so that when I switched topics, it won’t   strange. For example, from “how local people deal with garbage pollution” to “tourism development”, I said that although tourists will create more garbage, local environmental protection policy is very good to solve the problem of too much garbage, then, let’s talk about this policy… I think what I lack is my ability to express myself clearly, which will make the audience unable to understand what I want to express. This will make people feel confusing about my explanation, thus, I still have problem on language using.


Reflect on:

When the number of visitors start to grow, everything is going in the right direction. The economy will grow faster and the environment will be better in the beginning. Tourists will bring extra income to local people, and local people will protect the environment for tourists to enjoy. But when a large number of tourists come to Bintan, everything will change. The island cannot afford the vast demands for natural resources, the environment will get worse. However, the economy will continue to grow and people will develop various industries for tourists, such as tour guides, police officers, hotel staff, cooks, etc. That would change the fact that there are so many professional fishermen today. Thing we need to know is that while foreigners bring economic development, they will also bring cultural changes. They will bring new ideas and different cultures, and locals will absorb new things and learn new knowledge from those tourists.




Thank you!  :mrgreen: