Final reflection

After taking swimming back up for a year now, I have been able to reflect on the past couple of months. I have come across issues regarding the commitment I have made to the sport, and have had to deal with them. Although I have been able to learn and develop some of my skills in swimming, I have come across challenges that seem to be getting in the way a little bit as well. These challenges are many regarding my commitment to the activity.(LO2) As I can choose the days that I go, I find that I have been not as regular in my training as I would have liked. With lots of work from school, I have found that once I get home from school, I would much rather prefer to take a nap than go to swimming. Although this is the case, my mother does remind me that this is a commitment that I have made and I need to be more present in trainings. My participation in the activity has not been very good recently, as even when I do go to training, I don’t seem to be as engaged as my other team members as my head is normally somewhere else. When it comes to sport or exercise, I tend to enjoying working alone and focusing on myself rather than working as a team, which is something that I have had to work on the past few years, being part of a team. I find that during trainings, I am more detached than my teammates, not as involved as they are, or as interesting and dedicated than them. In order to improve on these issues, I think I need to work on my time management at home, making sure I have enough time for everything, and still leaving time to go to training. Managing my time to make sure that I have time for a nap if I need one, without disrupting my scheduled activists, such as swimming. This is going to be a difficult job to do as I tend to be a procrastinator and put work till last minute, which is when I have to go swimming, but then I have work to do that takes up that time.

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