Sustainability Individual Report

  The ideology of sustainability focuses satisfying present needs without sabotaging the future generations’ ability to satisfy their needs. The concept of sustainability consists of three essential factors: economic, environmental and social. In order to achieve sustainability, we must take into consideration the impact of all three factors. Your ecological footprint is the amount of […]

1st Personal Reflection

At the start of this project, my group and I agreed on what questions to prioritise asking, and using our own life experience, we decided questions about food, transport, clothing, and electricity consumption are the most important ones. These factors contribute heavily to one’s ecological footprint. We will focus on the sourcing of these goods, […]

Writer’s Fortnight Reflection Post

Prompt: “Our student-writers rose to the challenge, producing authentic, responsible and powerful pieces” The construction of the featured article starts by taking notes during interviews. Finding an angle that can successfully engage your target audience is the most important part of writing your article. Journalistic storytelling for me is only powerful if I can somewhat […]

Podcast Challenge Wrap up post

Three relevant quotes: “It wasn’t strength or smarts or leadership potential that accurately predicted whether or not a cadet would finish Beast Barracks.” “Mental Toughness is Built Through Small Physical Wins.” “Mentally tough people don’t have to be more courageous, more talented, or more intelligent — just more consistent. ” These quotes link to our challenge as […]

Talking w/only emojis Podcast Post

“Willing to send a lot more cheesy affectionate messages.” When asked about what’s special about using emojis. “We will never replaced words with pictures” People run out of symbols “The stickers and emojis was a different experience” “They were fuller” “Emojis are more oriented around emotions rather than nouns” “The emoticons I can fit into […]