Drama Monologue Reflection

  • What worked well in the rehearsal process?In the rehearsal process, I memorised my lines really fast since my script was quite short compared to the others, while they were really struggled to memorise their lines. As I had already been very familiar with my lines, I interpreted my character better and deeply through repeating and practising it again and again. This also helped me to be familiar with my movements, so that I could move more smoothly to my next position as my lines changed without thinking too long on it.
  • What was challenging? How did you solve the problem?The most challenging part for me was imagining the interaction with my “partner” since my whole monologue is dialogue-based, which is the conversation between my character and her father. It was quite difficult for me at first because I didn’t have a clear idea on where my “father” is standing, so every time when I changed my position, I would look at a different direction and talk to that direction. Ms.Parr helped me to solve this problem by only focusing on one point. Therefore, during the real performance, I set my focal point on the “Exit” light and made myself believe that the other character is right there talking to me.
  • Think back on some key learning? Why might have the monologue been important to you?I think the most important part I learnt from this monologue is that imagination and belief are necessary for an actor, especially in monologue, while you need to imagine the other character’s actions and react correspondingly. Usually in a show when there are lots of actors, they give stimulus to each other and push each other’s emotions and reactions. However, in monologue, the actors need to use their imagination and really believe what your character is saying. This assignment is definitely a very precious and useful learning experience for me as I have planned to choose IB Theatre HL next year. During this monologue assignment, I explored a piece of drama all by myself, which enhanced my ability on working individually and think independently. I will need to do this kind of individual study for my IB as well, and it’s not only for Theatre, but on all the subjects.
  • List 2 or 3 things you intend to do with the skills or knowledge required today-IB independent learning (especially for Theatre HL)-Explore another monologue (*I want to try a character with multiple personalities:))

-Design the stage and lights by myself next time

Link to my monologue video

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