Shan-You Elderly Community Service

This year I attend the Shan-You Elderly Community Service, which aims to accompany the old people by organising some fun activities to play with them.

From April when we first met the elderly to now, we did a variety of activities with the elderly people in Tampines.

When we first met up with the elderly people, we chatted with them and got to know more about the community group. After the first session, we knew more about their interest and therefore did one of their favorite activities with them called “Bingo” with them. The elderly seemed really enjoyed it. The third time we did bowling with them. They seemed like they enjoyed this kind of activities which involved in a bit of movement. Also, during one of our sessions, one of our students in our service group sang a song for them. For the last session, similar to bowling, we did a pitching game with them and had a lot of fun.

For the later weeks, I have thought about some activities ideas: According to the feedback from the old people and the staffs of the community, they really like the Bingo games, Wii and ball-pitching we played with them. They engaged actively and passionately toward these games, because the games are comparatively easy to play. Therefore, I think that in the future we can continue playing these games, and make some changes based on the original rules: For example, we can make the games more interactive that we also take a part in those games, but not just recording, because the old people seem to be happy to see students going there to visit them, and they always greeted us warmly. Additionally, last time when David sang to the old people, they reacted positively and happily, which suggests the opportunity for us to organise more entertained activities such as singing, dancing or even magic. This will give them a chance to relax and chill after playing the games.


Looking back to the previous visits, I think we have achieved a great progress and success, which is a very memorable and valuable experience for me.


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