Drama End-of-year Reflection

On May 17th, I went to watch Dionysus by Suzuki Company, and it was a really memorable experience for me throughout my drama learning journey this year. I learnt that:

  • an actor can use his exaggerated actions and changes in voice to show the contrast between two distinctive characters that he is playing
  • movements with different paces can create powerful visual impact (characteristic of the show: actors move slowly upstage at first, and then suddenly accelerate)
  • I was shocked by how the actors use their voices to create their characters. Even though they didn’t wear microphone, the audience could still hear their clearly and feel the power in their voices. This requires so much training and effort.
  • I was fascinated by how Suzuki combines three different languages (Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese) in his show without making the audience feeling awkward about that. Instead, I felt a sense of cultural diversity and freshness, which really impressed me.

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