Dance Showcase Reflection 1

Dancing has always been one of my biggest passions, which is why I chose to participate in Dance Showcase right after Culturama was done, and this time, I decided to be a dancer to fully enjoy the dance and play with it.

I got into the dance “the Greatest Showman”, because firstly, I’m very interested in the theme, and I have watched the movie for many times. Secondly, the dance has both hiphop and contemporary styles, which are the ones I had never tried before, so that I really want to challenge my self and learn different dancing skills. Both of the styles are distinct from the Latin dance I’ve learnt, and when I first touched the dances, I was so upset because I thought I could’ve done well and easily, but instead, I spent hours and hours learning it. This was really frustrating, especially when I was very confident at my dancing skills (for Latin dance). However, as I practiced more, I started to find the beauty and fun in those different styles of dance, because I would explore the moods behind those dances, and they can actually communicate with the audience through those different moods. For me, this is not only a challenge, but also makes me understand that it is okay to struggle, even on those things that you thought you were good at. Even genius will have difficult times on exploring new areas. Therefore, when facing the challenges, I should not be overconfident or upset. Instead, I could use my skills and knowledge to overcome them, and learn more new skills during this process.

Due to the 14 days LOA, I had missed a lot of the rehearsals, and I was feeling really bad about it. I understood that it is a very tough situation and the dance leaders must be very worried at our progress, because the dance showcase was only one week after I came back from the LOA. Therefore, I contacted my dance leaders and asked them if they can send me a video of the dance, so that I could learn them in the hotel by myself. At first, learning the dance through video was quite difficult, because the video was not flipped, and I couldn’t adjust the speed. I tried many times with the video, and paused frequently to observe the steps clearly. I also asked the dance leader for clarification when I was not clear. Because of this effort, I had caught up with all the others when I got back. I think this sense of perseverance is very important, because I have committed to this activity, and thus I am responsible for it, for the others, and for myself.

Overall, I’m very excited and looking forward to the show next week. This has been a challenging experience, but also full of fun and helps me to develop new skills, which is very meaningful and memorable.

LO2: CHALLENGE (Undertaken new challenges & developing new skills)

LO4: COMMITMENT (Showing perseverance, resilience)

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