CAS Intermediate Reflection

29 Apr 2020, CAS Mentor Interview:


Although the COVID-19 situation had hugely impacted my lifestyle and learning,  I still manage to find some chances to keep up with my CAS experience. For example, I still do body pump in the boarding house by watching the online videos of Lesmills workout. This keeps me active during the quarantine process, and releases my stress under such a situation, as I was anxious about not being able to go back home. Also, since the gym is not open, I start to train in my room with a yoga mat, a foam roller, and several weights. My previous experience in the gym taught me what different workouts I could do, so I just simplify them based on what I have in my room, and adjust the workouts to the available condition.

In my opinion, we can always find alternative ways to progress with our learning. Not being able to go out might not be a bad thing if we can manage our time well and improve ourselves. Therefore, I think of the “circuit breaker” as a precious opportunity for me to know myself better and study independently. Stay healthy, stay positive! 🙂

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