YMCA Student Care Reflection 3

Reflection Guiding Questions:

  1. In your opinion, how actively do you think the Singaporean government is in addressing this area of service?

Over time Singapore’s government has introduced policies that aimed to reduce income inequality, but of course, there are still income inequality, and specific to my service I think the government has done a lot to provide for active lifestyles in the community. Parks and sports hubs, as well as mall workouts, are all great examples of Singapore attempting to give the active lifestyle needs to the people who can’t really get it otherwise. But there aren’t that many organizations or programs dedicated and designed for children specifically which is something I’m sure the government could work towards. So, I think the government is doing quite a bit, but there is always more to do.  

      2. How do you find yourself connecting your personal life to the work you do in your service?

A lot of the skills and other things we learn in the service you can take away from your personal life. I mean we learn things every day by being with each other and working as a team and by being around the kids. Also, I think this service personally, but I think a lot of the other students in this service would agree that it makes you really happy to interact with them, to see them happy because they really are so thrilled to be with us and their energy and positivity it transfers over to you and it just makes your day. 

     3. What are the current limitations of your service in supporting your cause, and how do you see your service overcoming these in the near future?

I wish maybe we could do more than just sports with them and have opportunities for educational activities but we are constrained by time. One hour a week to interact with them feels like it’s not really enough but at the moment that’s not something we can really change but maybe our future service members can think of ways we could have more interactions with our partners even if it’s not direct. 

     4. How much awareness is there about your cause in Singapore and how can we positively influence this?

I mean the awareness I think it depends on where you live and what community you belong to. I think as UWCSEA students we really know about this stuff because of service. I think maybe other kids in different schools don’t know as much. I couldn’t really tell you how much awareness there is because I just don’t know but I think there are definitely ways in which we could spread awareness and even help kids beyond our service partners. Videos, posters, etc.. About exercises, games and healthy lifestyles I think could be quite beneficial.

LO6: GLOBAL VALUE (Engaging with Issues of Global Importance)

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