The Arts – conceptual understanding

Personal Knowledge in the Arts often relies on interpretation.

The Arts is based on the creator and the observer. The art created will be true to the artist as it is a personal experience that no one else would go through, however, the concept of it can be expressed in many ways for other, observers to interpret them, and that interpretation can be true to themselves. The ‘truth’ in the arts is personal knowledge as an observer usually relates to a piece of art when they believe it is true, however it might not be what the artist wanted to convey. An example of this is Georgia O’Keeffe, who had painted flowers in the 20s and she had meant for them to only be flowers, however, many had thought that the flowers represent a female’s genitalia (Ellis-Petersen, 2016). O’Keeffe had resisted this claim however it gained popularity once again in the 70s, women used her work as a statement of women empowerment. They interpreted it one way and it inspired them, it meant something to them and it was the truth to them even if it isn’t the truth for the artist who created it (Ellis-Petersen, 2016).

A counterclaim is that the artist creates the art for people to interpret a certain way, that both the creator and the observer agree with the ‘truth’. An example of this is Kevin Carter’s powerful photography of a little girl dying while a vulture watches and waits for its prey. Carter is said to feeling the need to photograph shocking images to share into the world (Neal, 2014). Some people saw what he was trying to convey and received backlash for it. Carter perhaps found it shocking, so he took a photo of it to share to others and the people who saw this image also interpreted the photo as shocking. But the photographer and the audience reacted to this image differently, even though they had the same truth behind them. His reaction was to share it however the audience’s reaction was to retaliate, wondering if he could have saved the girl (Neal, 2014). This understanding of the photo however becomes shared knowledge as we all feel the same thing.

The arts can be be based on personal experiences or shared knowledge. There is always a creator and an observer and their interpretation does not always have to match for it to be the ‘truth’. It would be the truth to the individual.

Georgia O’Keeffe –

Kevin Carter –

Kahaani – First Session

Kahaani is something new I wanted to try, my brother had been in it and it looked like a good experience. After the first session I knew it was the right choice as it was both fun and challenging, remembering all the steps while having fun collaborating with the people around me.

Who do I collaborate with?

This is a partner dance so we all definitely have to communicate with each other so the dance looks nice, that we try our best while still having fun. We have to make sure we know what we are doing as we are going to perform this and we need to make sure we are trying our best, collaborating with everyone.

What did I learn about this issue?

Kahaani was created by the Kolkata Global Concern, which supports an organisation called Voice of World that helps visually impaired and orphaned children in the city of Kolkata. Kahaani means “story”, they created it to convey a message to our school which many come to watch. I think it’s a great way to get people to talk about the issue and to help out as much as they can through a “story”.

Maths And The World

What is the role of intuition in mathematics? How about imagination?

Andrew Wiles said he had a revelation when it came to Fermat’s last theorem, suggesting that he had an intuition, something he couldn’t explain but wanted to prove and understand. Intuition can play a role in math where it can help people discover new things as well as question other things and find rigorous proof for it, it can help drive people into discovering and learning new things that we want to call the ‘truth”. Imagination can play a big role in mathematics as it can challenge existing ideas and or help us create something new or a new way of thinking that we haven’t thought of before. Humans search for patterns in nature but we can use our imagination to explain something in nature, imagination can lead to a big discover and or can lead us to the bigger ‘truth’.

In what sense is Mathematical research a search for Truth?

Derren Brown suggests that humans search for patterns naturally. Mathematics is about finding patterns that hold true, if we see a pattern we lean towards it to say that it is true because it has happened before. Once people begin to see patterns we assume that it has a meaning behind it, that there is a truth, curiosity is what drives humans and if there was nothing to search for in math it  wouldn’t be as important as it is now.

Rigorous Proof

The method of trying to prove that all triangles add up to 180 degrees only works on 2D surfaces and can be proved with axioms. On 2D surfaces, the proof can be said as rigorous proof because it can’t be falsified, it has been tested a lot and is known as shared knowledge. The other methods can be falsified as if you draw a triangle on a sphere the angles would not add up to 180 and therefore is falsified.


Changing one letter from the word ship and trying to get to the word dock would be easier if you knew that all words in the english language contain a vowel, and the conjecture that any intermediate word would have two vowels. The rigorous proof demonstrates the outcome that is expected through steps in a logical manner. With the axioms, it made the task easier to do as we believed in them.

The term proof applies differently to Math and Natural Sciences, evidence is used to prove a conjecture or theory and it can make something more true to people as they would believe it more.

Math that can be found in Nature:

Snowflakes, it has the perfect symmetry and all snowflakes are different. Sunflowers also follow the Fibonacci sequence and the nautilus shell also follows the Fibonacci sequence.


Boxing – First session

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

This is my first time taking a class in boxing, i chose it since i’ve been wanting to do it for a while, however put it off as it was a risk for me at the time. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something new and i really enjoyed the first session. We worked on our forms, the basic punches and how to properly stand. Even though it was the first session I really liked the class and how it made me feel. It is also a good form of exercise as it helps with getting your heart rate up and it also is fun at the same time. As the sessions went on, i think it got more interesting and fun to participate in and also got me more tired. I am looking forward to going to more classes and I think I might continue boxing for season 3 and 4 depending on my schedule.

Lion befrienders- going to the centre

LO5-Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively.

Our service went to the centre for the first time and we learnt a lot about the place and about the people there. We listened to the leader speak about lion befrienders and how we can help. It was interesting to know what they like as it can help us gauge what to do to have the most fun and to bond with the people there. We also met some of the elderly and played ‘chinese whispers’ with them, and enjoyed it a lot.

As this service went on throughout the years, we had been planning the same things such as bingo or darts as we know it works and that they like it, however we think that we should try something different as we think that they might get bored with the things we always do. We think something like dancing or karaoke would be fun for all of us and it would be different to what we usually do. We have lessons in school to plan for many activities and back up plans, and along the way we will learn what works and what doesn’t work.

There is a language barrier between some of us and the elderly however we can overcome it as the people who can speak english can help us translate and we think that we don’t need to speak the same language to bond over something. We think the activities planned will be fun and will work with helping the elderly enjoy their time.

I am chair along with David, and together we will try to set attainable goals that our service can do if we all try together. We just started, so it will take a while to get used to, however I am looking forward to managing and playing games and bonding with the elderly that is part of lion befrienders.

Video of activity:


How we “know” and with what “certainty” differs across areas of knowledge.

There are different areas of knowledge that can explain different things with different levels of uncertainty. The certainty of knowledge from natural sciences is higher as people have faith in scientists who have supported a theory through a lot of observation as they’ve noticed a pattern and many experiments with evidence to support their theory, and many others who have gotten the same results. When they get the same results people begin to believe it and “know” of it as being the truth. People trust them as they have a higher authority and can provide answers that the general can agree with. The certainty could be considered greater than religion as there is more evidence to support the scientific theories, but people can still “know” through religion because of their beliefs and their faith even if there is less evidence to support it. Another way of knowing is with history. People “know” as there is a lot of evidence and justification behind it. There is also technology helping us with understanding what has happened in the past, like fossils or photographs. We can not be certain of things that were in the past as there might not be an explanation or too much evidence behind it. People also have different perspectives and can view the things that have happened in different ways, so the knowledge about one thing that we hold may not all be the same. We can ‘know’ the same thing but may have different reasons to why we know them, some may have a stronger reasoning however not everyone can agree on the same thing and can have their own personal judgement. But we can not be “certain” about anything.


UFO sighting

Navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher has confirmed that three videos posted to the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA)— the organization founded by Blink 182 rocker Tom DeLonge in 2015 to pursue research into UFOs and extraterrestrial life — do indeed show “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

I am empathic towards this, even though it seems as if there is nothing to care about, there is. The article was very interesting to me as there has been a lot of supposed UFO sightings than always has a reason to not be a UFO such as, “it’s a government plane”. I think that it’s arrogant to think that we are the only living things in the universe, as it is very big, bigger than we can comprehend, it is almost impossible, in my mind, that we are the only ones out there. I think there are a lot of people that would disagree with the Blink 182 band member, as that is their belief and not try to understand where he’s coming from, as they might have a different explanation to the videos posted even if a higher authority says that it is unidentified. There are a lot of things that can’t be explained and aliens isn’t something that is confirmed, but it hasn’t been debunked which I understand.

Applying the notion of outrospection to it, a lot of people must be disagreeing with Tom DeLonge’s views as they might not see where he is coming from and the evidence that supports him. They might think it’s silly that a band member has an organization, Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA), and might not believe him since he is a band member. However I understand that a lot of things haven’t been discovered, but I think that anyone could discover it but people would only trust others that have an authority or have power and have been proven to be right by other things they have done, such as scientists. But I am able to see why people believe in things such as UFOs as there is something that we don’t know about, and are curious to find out more.